2020 King of the Hammers Qualifying and Shootout Pictures & Results

King of the Hammers continued an action-packed week on Monday with qualifying for the 4WP Every Man Challenge and the Holley EFi Shootout Presented by King Shocks and Action Sports Canopies.  Young guns dominated the day, with Cade Rodd taking top honors in qualifying in his Branik 4800 Legends buggy and Bailey Cole taking second.  Rodd is the son of Jimmy’s 4×4 owner Randy Rodd, the most prolific chassis manufacturer in ULTRA4 racing.  Cole is the son of KOH promoter Dave Cole, and is teaming up for the EMC race with Baja champion Cameron Steele, who will be racing the first lap of the EMC race through the desert before handing the reigns to Cole to navigate through the treacherous rocks of Johnson Valley. Kenneth Goodall was the top Yukon Gear and Axle 4500 Modified qualifier, starting 12th off of the line, and Jon Schaefer posted the best time in the Spidertrax 4600 Stock class. 

Qualifying Results

14807Cade Rodd480002:56.162
216Cameron Steele480002:57.855
33Trevor Fults480002:58.228
41950Logan Goodall480002:59.123
5890Jonathan Terhune480003:01.129
646Connor Fults480003:02.949
74868Scott Morse480003:05.161
84838Seth Van Dyke480003:06.889
9618Casey Gilbert480003:08.148
104874David Hartman480003:08.736
1181Levi Shirley480003:10.094
127779Kenneth Goodall450003:10.144
134823Kyle Wickham480003:11.376
144860Jody Ford480003:13.796
15232Brad Lovell480003:14.737
1675Scott Foley480003:15.237
17866Shaun Rajski480003:15.886
184837Jeremy Jones480003:16.196
194571Dave Schneider450003:17.313
204809Barry Smethurst480003:17.660
21312Eric Brinker480003:18.830
224898Arturo Soria480003:18.966
234862Cody Young480003:19.575
24417Justin Barth480003:22.516
254580John Mathews450003:23.410
26595Craig Allen480003:25.073
2763Jimmy Jack450003:26.265
2888Dan Fresh450003:27.226
294510Matthew Howell450003:27.282
3013Justin Hall450003:27.592
314883Wade Coleman480003:29.016
324825Michael London480003:29.085
334861Anthony Arreola480003:30.048
344531Shawn Rants450003:30.510
354893Steve Adams480003:30.956
364896Buddy Carlton480003:32.740
374810Patrick Beckwith480003:34.535
384533Jesse Balter450003:34.830
394437Dustin Sexton480003:36.924
404839Irl Christie480003:37.403
414863John Hultsman480003:38.708
424806Stephen Graff480003:40.407
43406Eric Wikle480003:43.815
4426Duane Garretson450003:45.408
4521Joey Simeone450003:45.410
464895Jacob Peek480003:45.562
474815Michael Stokes480003:45.655
4843Mike Johnson480003:45.657
494549Richard Lavezzo450003:46.159
504832Chance Hollaman480003:46.942
51114Evan Jessee480003:47.586
524438Robert Osborne480003:55.285
534853Andrew Gormnan480003:55.800
544570John Grounds450003:56.794
554855Jace Nix480003:56.798
567Sean Leonardini480003:57.864
574831Joshua Ebel480004:01.615
584865Don Radtke480004:01.726
594872Steven Moore480004:06.630
604591William Young450004:07.187
614579Tony Perez450004:07.285
624517Jesse Oliver450004:09.469
634858Chris Brown480004:10.889
644561Cody St Clair450004:13.427
6573Gregory Neff480004:18.146
664539Peter Fierro450004:18.307
674829Kurtis Harryman480004:26.766
684850Chris Pierce480004:31.698
694802Ross Glave480004:39.039
7062Jeremy Montenegro450004:39.958
714530Nate Williams450004:42.588
724545Makinzie Armstrong450004:53.041
734875Lyndon Sheppard480004:59.388
744535John Williams450005:06.153
754599Joseph Machier450005:21.817
764504Travis Riley Sr4500DNF
774507Michael Miller4500DNF
78484Michael Trebino4800DNF
791025Douglas Busse4800DNF
804852Richard Fenton4800DNF
81951Jeff Hautamaki4800DNF
8244Caleb Bacsi4800 
834501Vaughn Neville4500 
844572Victor Buness4500 
85518Kevin Jones4800 
864895Jacob Peek4800 
874887Paul Tyler4800 
884583Chuck Crossland4500 
894883Taylor Rash4800 
90751Maxwell Devlin4500 
91590Michael Justo4800 
924880Atanas Mihaylov4800 
934857Rob Hemming4800 
944885TJ  Hart4800 
954688Jon Schaefer460004:36.586
964695Dawson Allington460004:50.295
974671John Snell460004:55.822
984604Joseph Edmonds460005:07.924
9937Joshua Patt460007:15.005
1004620Kenneth Carter460007:22.742
1014653Thomas Biddle4600DNF
1024659Donnie Kehlenbeck4600 
1034622Steven Gutzke4600 
1044732John Mackiewicz4600 
1054686Johnny Harper4600 
1064616Nathan Creer4600 
1084696Brian McNamara4600 
1094679Daniel May-Applegate4600 
1104699Jesse Haines4600 
1114602Charles Black4600 
1124674Joe Shilliday4600 
1134658Martin Lange4600 
1144664Charles Miller4600 
1154619Justin Reece4600 
1164698Justin Baney4600 
1174675Alex McNeil4600 
118468Amber Turner4600 
1194677Chris D’Auria4600 
1204639Craig Hannoll4600

Qualifying Gallery

Holley EFI Shootout Presented by Action Canopies

The theme of youthful ascendancy continued at the Holley EFi Shootout Presented by King Shocks and Action Sports Canopies. Formerly known as the Backdoor Shootout, this event started when rockcrawling enthusiasts would gather at the huge vertical climb known as Backdoor to challenge each other for bragging rights as the quickest driver up the ten-foot tall ledge. Held adjacent to Chocolate Thunder this year, the Holley EFi Shootout has outgrown Backdoor without forgetting its roots. ULTRA4 cars, bouncers from the Southern Rock Racing Series, and home built rockcrawlers duked it out to be the fastest up a series of steep, loose rock ledges with plenty of parking and viewing for the thousands of spectators on hand, and live coverage for those watching from home. The rock bouncers continued their dominance at the Shootout, with 31-year-old Stephen Rogers scaling the hill in a mere 38 seconds in his Jimmy Smith-built buggy dubbed “Unloyal”. To put this accomplishment in perspective, over half of the 29-vehicle field didn’t make it to the top of the course at all!

The night was capped off with Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band Righteous & the Wicked playing on the Monster Energy stage for thousands of motorsports enthusiasts at the Nitto King of the Hammers. King of the Hammers week continues Tuesday with qualifying for the premier 4400 Class starting at 8 AM, and top drivers qualifying during the “Power Hour” at 4 PM. Following qualifying the action shifts to Hammertown for the Pit Crew Challenge, which pits teams against each other in a bracket-style competition. All classes are represented in this new competition with the fastest team from UTVs, T1 desert trucks, 4500, 4600, 4800, and 4400 going head to head for bragging rights and a long list of prizes from Pro Eagle, Buggy Whips, Raceline, and Boxo Tools.

2020 Holley EFi Shootout Results

Pos.First NameLast NameTime
3Luke Wilson60.23
4William Stewart65.54
6Ryan Webb72.61
7Chris Kaufman77.43
8Jason Bartram93.66
9Paul Passien99.1
10Kevin Meyers126.58
11Julian Garduno128.81
13Jacob Reeves153.96
14Airen PatrickDNF
15Brett Harrell JrDNF
16Brian TrempeDNF
20Kyle HathawayDNF
21Paul WolffDNF
23Steve CobbDNF
24Toby StacyDNF
27Brett HarrellDNS
28Cory HindsDNS
29Jeff McKinleyDNS

Story and photos courtesy of Ultra4Racing.com