2020 King of the Hammers UTV Race Live Stream

Can-Am UTV King of the Hammers Race live stream starts at 7:55am PST and runs all the way until 4:00pm PST on February 2nd, 2020.

The average Ultra4 car uses 40-inch tires. The average UTV uses 32-inch tires, and they race on the same trails! Few side-by-sides reach the finish line each year, but that hasn’t stopped the UTV class from exploding in popularity. UTVs are now the biggest class at KOH, with big names from desert racing, short course, and Ultra4 classes mixing it up with racers who live and breathe UTVs 24/7 all year long. Mitch Guthrie, Sr. has dominated the UTV race in the past, technically making him the most winning “King” at King of the Hammers. For the past two years his son Mitch Jr. has carried on the torch by being the first across the finish line.

Past UTV Winners

  • 2019- Mitch Guthrie Jr.
  • 2018- Mitch Guthrie Jr.
  • 2017- Shannon Campbell
  • 2016- Blake Van De Loo
  • 2015- Mitch Guthrie
  • 2014- Mitch Guthrie
  • 2013- Mitch Guthrie
  • 2012- Mitch Guthrie
  • 2011- Brandon Schueler
  • 2010- Mitch Guthrie
  • 2009- Mitch Guthrie

Who do you think will take in 2020?