2023 Volcon Stag: Introducing the fully electric Stag

Volcon ePowersports only builds cutting-edge, off-road vehicles in a class of their own. Utilizing the latest EV technology, the Stag offers the same thrilling performance of a standard UTV without the noise (or pollution), allowing you to explore the outdoors with all your senses.

The Stag empowers the driver to explore the outdoors in a new and unique way that gas-powered UTVs cannot offer and is powered by General Motors’ proven and tested electric propulsion systems.

The Stag is fully designed and developed by Volcon staff in Round Rock, Texas.

Stag Specs

  • Horsepower: 125 / above 140 hp*
  • Torque: 265 lb-ft
  • Range: above 100 miles
  • Charge Time: less than 6 hours**
  • Motor: 107 kW
  • Battery: 42 kWh
  • Top Speed: 80 mph
  • Payload: 1,550 lbs
  • Bed Volume: 13.4 / 26.7*** cu-ft
  • Wheel Base: 121″
  • Vehicle Width: 64″
  • Towing: 2,000lbs****
  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Drivetrain: 4WD on demand

* with optional power boost

** with level 2 charging

*** with rear seats folded

**** with Tow Mode engaged


Class-leading Power and Torque

With class-leading 125 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, the Volcon Stag offers exhilarating performance and an unmatched driving experience. The electric motor provides a flat torque curve delivering instant power the moment you touch the pedal, resulting in unparalleled off-road acceleration.The Stag’s instant power and torque delivery provide thrilling acceleration, speed recovery and control on any terrain. With the exclusive Paddle Shift and overboost mode accessory installed, users can increase overall motor output to above 140 hp.

Driving Modes and 4WD

Selectable driving modes optimize performance or range according to the driver’s needs. ECO mode maximizes range with smooth power delivery, while Sport mode provides a more aggressive throttle response for better acceleration. The overboost mode, offered as an option, unleashes more than 140 hp, taking performance to a new level. Tow mode restricts the vehicle maximum speed and builds the torque progressively to assist in hauling heavy loads.

The 4WD system, activated on demand, enhances the Stag’s off-road capability over any terrain. It automatically engages the front wheels whenever the rear wheels lose traction and manages the power distribution between wheels assuring better stability when cornering.

General Motors Components

The Stag, along with all other Volcon off-road UTVs, will be built using GM’s proven and tested electric propulsion systems.

The GM propulsion system provides instant high power and torque with AWD capabilities, creating exceptional acceleration and speed recovery in a variety of terrains. Variable driving modes will allow the driver to adjust the power delivery to optimize performance and range according to the driver’s needs, while the innovative cockpit will provide an industry-leading human-machine interface.

The Stag’s electric propulsion system, as designed and used by GM, allows the use of components of this system in the Stag configuration. The use of these validated GM components will offer Volcon UTV buyer’s peace of mind and confidence in knowing the drivetrain was developed by General Motors’ world-class research and development teams. Utilizing GM’s electric vehicle expertise and systems will produce an off-road experience, setting the standard for the entire industry.

Connected Experience


Volcon is here to redefine the off-road experience, inside and out. The Stag’s driver-centric cockpit is developed with two innovative displays that deliver unparalleled Human Machine Integration (HMI) providing full control and visibility for the driver. Additionally, seat ergonomics and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel allow for an ideal driving position.

Camera Integrations

Capturing and creating content has never been easier or more fun, with two built-in cameras and additional options available. The Stag comes with onboard hardware to process video clips of the action and a special rail for additional camera mounts, making every experience a shareable one.

Volcon app

The Stag’s unique app-enabled features make it easy for drivers to interact with friends and community with real-time access to social media and other sharing platforms, using the Volcon App and a Sim Card.

Rider and passenger devices can always stay connected* and fully charged with multiple USB ports within the dash-mounted charging station.


The main dashboard displays essential info such as speed, battery charge, driving mode, brake regeneration and energy consumption.

The central display is equipped with camera view, route planner, off-road gauges, connectivity* and info about the vehicle’s status, providing a full array of information for both driver and passenger.

T Gate Down


Work and Play

The Stag is purpose-built to enhance your work or adventure, with no compromises. It’s the ideal Side by Side combining great performance with maximum versatility for an exciting adventure with family and friends, ready for work or play!.

Whether you need to carry equipment around the property, are looking to get to that hidden fishing spot, or even need to tow your boat to a nearby dock, the Stag is versatile enough for any experience.

Space and Cargo

Driver and passenger enjoyment were top of mind as the Stag’s cockpit, rear seating, and cargo area  are designed to accommodate up to four people, and gear for their adventure, without compromising leg room or comfort.

For additional cargo space, the rear seats can fold down to expand the cargo space to over 26 cu ft.

With 1,550 lbs of payload and 2,000 lbs of max towing capacity (with towing mode selected), the Stag will be ready for a hard day’s work or exploration in the back forty.


A complete line of accessories will be available to build a machine that fits a wide variety of user needs, including half and full windshields, hard storage, soft storage, winch mounting, front bumper options, sound systems, and additional lighting.

Volcon Stag Briarpatch JohnRyanHebert AZI

Handling & Stability

Perfect Balance

The Stag’s suspension includes fully adjustable shocks, specially designed to ensure great handling. The batteries and motor position contribute to a low center of gravity, which significantly improves stability when cornering and offers a better ride experience over any terrain.

Enhanced Tires

High-performance BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires come standard and are designed to enhance electric UTV vehicle performance, resulting in improved range for even more adventure.


Space for Everyone

More space and more comfort truly make the Stag a premium off-road vehicle. A larger cockpit allows more space between the driver and passengers along with ergonomically designed premium seats as standard, creating a commanding position for the driver to become one with the machine.

Optimal Seat Positioning

An optimal reach-to-wheel position along with adjustable power-steering and a premium seating system design creates a unique connection between the driver and the machine, allowing the driver to feel more in control without sacrificing the comforts of modern-day technology.

Investor Stag image

Battery and Charging

Battery Components

The Stag is powered by General Motors proven and tested electric propulsion systems including its advanced high voltage power distribution module, motor inverter, on-board charging module, DC to DC converter, EV control module, torque controls, battery high voltage connector, HV cooling pump, battery pump, HV cooling reservoir, and battery cooling reservoir.

Volcon is the first, and currently only off-road powersports company to offer their full line of vehicles with GM’s electric propulsion. These high quality, heavily tested and validated components will offer Volcon UTV buyers peace of mind in knowing the drivetrain is backed by world-class research and development teams. The Stag will deliver a unique driving experience, combining performance and excitement that only an EV can provide. With innovative connectivity and flexible utility, the Stag is the perfect vehicle for adventure and work.


With an expected range of over 100 miles on one charge, the Stag offers multiple drive modes to extend range while utilizing cutting edge technology to support the battery system, such as regenerative braking. A digital interface will provide up to date readouts of technical information such as remaining battery charge and average battery consumption, keeping the driver up to speed at all times. .


The Stag 7.2 kW on board charger allows the vehicle to be charged in less than 6 hours when using Level 2 charging.

Volcon Stag Briarpatch JohnRyanHebert AZI

Cost of Ownership

Cost of ownership beats current gas powered UTVs in the market. The closed motor system means no oil changes, no filter changes, no belt changes, and no transmission fluid to worry about. Brakes will also last longer as a result of the regenerative braking system taking some of the pressure off of the braking system and turning that into power for the vehicle.

Vehicle displayed is a prototype.  Images may be simulated and/or enhanced using visual effects.  Vehicle is displayed with options that may not be available on standard models.  Vehicle, including supported features, and vehicle availability may differ depending on your location.

Starting at $39,999

Estimated delivery of the Volcon Stag to reservation holders will begin in Summer 2023.


Specific details regarding Stag production and delivery timelines are not available at this time.

Visit www.volcon.com/stag for consumer reservation details.

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