About the Contributors

Matt Martelli – CEO – matt@madmedia.com

Matt has been off-roading since he was 13 years old. Transplanted from Michigan to the epicenter of off-road culture in San Deigo, CA, Matt grew up amongst racers, builders, promoters, and manufacturers of off-road equipment. A passionate leader of off-road culture Matt continues to share his love of off-road racing culture with the world via his multiple off-road related business including; The Mint 400, The UTV World Championship, The Legends Rally, Dinner of Champions, Dirt Co. Mad Media, UTVunderground.com, and Offroadracer.com. When Matt is not writing, directing, or producing content about off-roading he is probably out off-roading.

Josh Martelli
Joshua Martelli – COO – josh@utvunderground.com

Joshua Martelli is the co-owner and COO of Mad Media and UTVUnderground.com and is a San Diego based off-road enthusiast. He has been in love with off-road racing since pitting for McMillin Racing in the early 1990’s. He became a partner at UTVUnderground LLC in 2012, and has worked alongside Joey DiGiovanni and UTVUnderground CEO Matt Martelli to promote and grow the sport of UTV riding. From Baja to Glamis to Moab – Joshua and the entire UTVUG team remain committed to going anywhere UTVs are being enjoyed. Our goal is to document, share and grow our culture and sport and bring that content to UTVUnderground.com for readers to enjoy.

Kilian Hamlin – Contributor – kilian@utvunderground.com

Between producing film shoots and chasing races, Kilian has enough off-road experience in Baja to be considered dangerous. What started as a summer job in 2010 quickly morphed in to a career born from his passion for the desert and exploring the earth. From producing large events like The Mint 400, Kilian has a unique ability to curate and tailor quality off-road experiences for new enthusiasts and veterans alike.

Sebastian Krywult – Contributor – sebastian@utvunderground.com

As a transplant from Poland, Sebastian has a sense of adventure flowing through his veins. He’s been an active member of the Arizona Off-Road community since 2007 exploring the endless desert landscapes and sharing his story through photography. Between developing software full-time and practicing Jiu Jitsu, Sebastian always finds the time to look for his next adventure whether it be documenting a stage rally race, producing desert racing content or trekking down another unbeaten path in the Arizona high desert.

Israel “Izzy” Stone – Contributor – izzy@utvunderground.com

Izzy is an off-roader, surfer and family man that works side by side with the crew at UTVunderground.com. His love for the deserts and ocean are a perfect fit for this fast growing industry. He genuinely enjoys the off-road culture and putting his experiences into words to share with others.