Boreas Campers Composite Panels Chassis

Boreas Campers Offering Composite Panels to DIY Camper Builders

Pueblo, Colorado – Boreas Campers, a leading offroad camper trailer manufacturer, is proud to announce they are extending their product line to include composite panels tailored specifically for DIY camper builders, enabling them to craft their dream campers with previously unattainablequality and affordability.

For OEM camper manufacturers, composite panels have long been considered superior to other build materials such as wood or aluminum, because of their longevity, insulating properties and light weight. But access to composite panels in small quantities was a barrier for DIY builders. These composite panels, now available for purchase, are available in raw 13’3/4” x 5’2.5” sheets or CNC-cut to the builder’s specs and design, empowering DIY builders to bring their vision to life with confidence.

At 1.8” thick with a woven FRP exterior and XPS foam core, these composite panels will not delaminate, are impact resistant, light and rigid.


Boreas Campers Composite Panels

“We are thrilled to introduce composite panels for DIY builders, opening up new possibilities for adventurous individuals who possess a passion for building and exploration,” said Matt Reichel, President of Boreas Campers. “We’ve seen the impressive plans and ideas folks have for their perfect adventure setup, and who want the best quality at the best price for their builds. Offering composite panels allows them to build a camper that will last for a lifetime and protect the rest of their project’s investment.”

Panels are available for $17/sqft raw and $22/sqft when CNC-cut. The panels can be picked up from Boreas Campers headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado, or shipped.


As Boreas Campers continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the introduction of composite panels underscores the brand’s commitment to empowering customers and fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts united by their love for adventure and craftsmanship.

In addition to composite panels, Boreas Campers offers their heavy duty, off road chassis and Cruisemaster independent suspension to support DIY camper builders. Learn more at

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Boreas Campers Composite Panels

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