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CA300 Poker Run Registration Now Open!

Come ride with family & friends and see the race course for the first time!

The California 300 will host its inaugural Poker Run on Saturday, October 8th and will be the first look at the California 300 race course. The event aims to bring off-road enthusiasts, racers, team members and everyone in the Barstow area together for a fun event behind the wheel of their own vehicles.

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What: The 2022 California 300 Poker Run
When: Saturday, October 8th from 9:00AM – 5:00PM. The last Poker Run vehicle must leave the start line by 1:00pm.
Where: Barstow Main. Event staging area located off Outlet Center Drive, just south of downtown Barstow. Click here for directions from downtown Barstow.
* There are a limited number of spots in the poker run! *

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Participants will complete one lap of The California 300 race course and make four remote stops, then one final stop to at the finish line to record their poker hands. Prizes will be announced on this page later in the afternoon.

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The Poker Run is open to the general public in off-road cars, trucks and UTV’s. No race vehicles, quads, 3-wheelers or motorcycles. Helmets and seatbelts for all passengers are required.


Ernesto Araiza

Being born right in the heart of Off-Road Racing, Ernesto always had a dream to be an Off-Road Racer. After finish college he ditched his engineer career to chase the dream of action photographer. It didn't took long to get spotted by MadMedia where he still works. In less than 5 years after 'going pro' he reached some of the most important peaks in his life working for several international brands and events like the Rally Dakar. After 30 years of dreaming, he still have one goal in mind, to keep his face full of dust.