ampudia sf araiza orr

Damage Report: Alan Ampudia – San Felipe 250

Welcome to our newest photo series we call “Damage Report”. After each race, we will showcase battle-scarred off-road race vehicles through incredible photography, giving you a first-hand look at the brutality that these vehicles can survive. No other form of motorsports has the insane challenges of desert off-road racing. From the searing hot temperatures of the desert to the brutal rocky and silty terrain, these vehicles have to beat their competition through the roughest terrain on the planet, oftentimes while pushing their vehicles to their limits exceeding 140mph surviving the elements.  After every race, these vehicles have to be stripped down to their bare chassis and almost completely rebuilt for the next battle.

Alan Amudia, in the  No.10 Trophy Truck, drove to a fourth-place finish in class and fourth overall at the 2021 SCORE-International San Felipe 250

ampudia sf araiza orr

So unfortunately we had to stop right off the bat and make a tire change. (Ryan) Arciero and Robby (Gordon) got by us so that cost us the fight at the end for the win. By the time we got by Tavo and Robby, the top three were over ten minutes ahead of us…

ampudia sf araiza orr

We put our heads down and pushed and made us some time but these guys run so fast there is only so much I can do. At the end, by the dry lake bed, the truck was heating up a little bit so we decided to just bring it home and get the top-five finish, giving us a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 500, which is what our main objective was…

ampudia sf araiza orr

And here we are, a top four or five, definitely not where we want to be, we want to be further up front, but we will get our revenge at the SCORE Baja 500 in our hometown of Ensenada.”

Photography: Ernesto Araiza || OffRoadRacer
Source: SCORE Official Post-Race Finish Line Quote

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