enduro ens el ranchito by e araiza

El Champ 740 by HN Motorsports


Last year we stopped by the HN Motorsports shop in Baja to shoot their new UTV they made in-house.  Now HN Motorsports, led by Elias Hanna, has created another beautiful machine that has a lot of history for their team.  This specific truck was built using the chassis of their first 7stock SCORE race truck as starting point.

Well, the entire chassis is a little bit of a stretch since it only shares the two main chassis rails, which have been shortened by 10% of the original size.  Everything else, however, is brand new.

“This machine rips.  I love the way it feels now.  It’s a beautiful pre-runner,” said Hanna.  “This machine was finished back in October to pre-run the last Baja 1000.

Hnmotorsports elchamp VF ORR

Leaving the stock Ford Ranger engine behind, this new machine is powered by a 710HP Spec engine with a Culhane 3-speed transmission and 40″ BFGoodrich KR3 tires.  a well-rounded combo if you ask us, especially if this machine will be for pre-running proposes only. For stability and control, Fox Shocks covers the suspension department and ProAm brakes make sure it stops when it has to, if it has to.

Hnmotorsports elchamp VF ORR

Other details about this truck are the KC Hilights, making sure the road ahead is visible during those pitch-dark Baja nights, the 80-gallon Harmon fuel safe on the back for safety and the Ultra Wheels for style points.

Inside, Mastercraft seats and belts keep the drivers safe, Lowrance GPS units keep them on track and PCI Radios make sure they don’t lose communications to their chase crews.  Below you can geek out every detail on the spec table and check out those photos that make you feel the ocean breeze with a hint of race gas.

Owner:  Elias Hanna
Builder: HN Motorsports / PadMur / Currie Mxli
Date Completed:  October 2020
Chassis: 10% left of Ford Ranger
Weight: 4800 lb
Wheel Base: 123″
Track Width: 94″

Hnmotorsports elchamp VF ORR


Engine: CBM Motorsports 710HP
Cooling:  CRB Radiator and oil cooler
Exhaust Magnaflow
Plumbing Fragola Performance
Transmission Culhane Reid box
Driveline:  Drive Shaft Pro
Brakes: ProAm
Fuel Cell: 80gal Harmon

Hnmotorsports elchamp VF ORR


Tires:  BFGoodrich 40″ KR3
Wheels:  Ultra 103 Race Beadlocks
Brakes: ProAm
Paint/ Graphics:  Kengue Body Shop / JPDesigns
Front Suspension:  Fox Shocks
Rear Suspension Fox Shocks
Steering:  Power Steering Solutions
Wiring: HN Motorsports / Prowire
Lights: KC hilights

Hnmotorsports elchamp VF ORR


Navigation: Lowrance
Communication: PCI Race Radios
Seats: Mastercraft 3G
Safety:  Mastercraft

Photography by: Ernesto Araiza

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