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“El Homeless” Lucky Racers Class 16

The Class 16 is something special, the versatility of the VW drivetrain platform allows this class to be one of the most popular categories to race especially among the Baja locals. Even though Volkswagen had already stopped production for these outdated engines, shops like Montes or WeroLoco have kept this air-cooled category as healthy as ever. RECORD and CODE races always have large numbers in this category with names like Tito Arambúla and the Yee family, some of the most well known names in this division, however this time we bring you a fairly new driver ready to storm this class. Erik Rivera and his “Homeless” 16.

el homeless class feature ensenada
Ensenada is ready for some racing.

Erik told us that this vehicle was finished in 2017, with its first race being the San Felipe 250 finishing 5th. In 2018 he and his team managed to finished 2nd on the SCORE Championship aspiring to great things in the upcoming races. In 2019, they stopped racing to get ready and go all-in into the 2020 SCORE season. Sadly Covid-19 hit and just like everybody else, they will simply have to wait until the green flag drops again.

el homeless class feature ensenada

As with the nature of this class, the specs of this vehicle are very limited and equal to every other car in the class, the differences depend on who builds or preps it. The engine prep by “Wero Loco” features a low compression engine, allowing him to race with regular pump gas while still keeping the same power output.

el homeless class engine

Besides the engine, the second most important element for this class is the suspension. Limited in size but this is where Erik has an ace in up his sleeve. Erik works for Fox Shocks, allowing him to run the latest products and even some prototypes. The car is featuring Fox 3.0 6 tube with external cooling shocks in the rear and fox 2.5 bypass in the front. Completely prepped by “Nuny Shocks” a specialized off-road shock shop in Ensenada, which we will doing a shop tour of soon.

In the interior the dashboard features a unique shape with two GPS Lowrance unit. In the safety department, Crow seatbelts keep the drivers safe and Mastercraft does the same with the seats. Here’s the full Specs table and a photo gallery to enjoy if you’re a fan of the limited classes like us!

Owner:Erik Rivera
Builder:Dethomas Fab
Date completed03/17
Chassis:custom dethomas
Weight:1590 lbs
Track Width:58 1/8”
Engine:Weroloco 1600 low/comp
Plumbing:AL’S Plumbing
Transmission:Montes Transmissions
Driveline:Pro Am
Brakes:Pro Am
Fuel Cell:Harmon Racing 22 Gal
Tires:Rear 33” Yokohama Front 7.50 BFGoodrich super Traxxion
Wheels:15″ centerline
Paint/Graphics:JP Designs
Body:EFF Fiberglass
Front Suspension:Fox 2.5 bypass by Nuny shocks
Rear Suspension:Fox 3.0 6 tube external cooling
Wiring:Leggs electronics
Lights:Baja Designs
Navigation:Lowrance HDS 7″
Safety:Crow seatbelts

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