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Father and Son Off Road Racers Head for Baja to Honor Racing’s Past while Driving a Modern Day High Tech Race Vehicle

Ride along with Dave Mason Sr and Dave Mason Jr through live online updates Presented by eBay Motors and MAXXIS Tires at: masonoffroad.com/norra2022

San Marcos, CA — (April 24, 2022)
Dave Mason Sr and Dave Mason Jr of Mason Off Road have raced up and down the Baja peninsula countless times. 2022 marks the 36th year in off road racing for Dave Mason Sr. Over his 36-year career, he has run many races in Baja including a 2004 Baja 1000 Win. Last year, the father-son duo began talking about their 2022 plans. One event kept coming to the surface as a perfect race to celebrate Dave Sr’s 36-year mark.

It’s known as the “Happiest Race on Earth” and it celebrates the past and present of the original Mexican 1000, a race that has gained global notoriety and celebrity status. The Mason Off Road Team led by Seth Walther has spent several months preparing the eBay Motors #165 Class 1B Buggy for the grueling race. But this event would require more than good preparation on the inside. The vehicle needed a special paint scheme on the outside and there was only one person who could do the job.

The first race car Dave Mason drove was painted by his friend Dave Smith. 36-years later Dave Smith is still painting better than ever and is a full-time employee at Dave Mason’s company Tri-State General Contractors. Smith designed one of the most elaborate paint schemes ever seen on an off road vehicle. The theme feels like a throwback at first glance, but the longer you look and take in all the intricate details it begins to feel modern and even futuristic.

No other racing event merges the legendary past of off road racing’s vintage vehicles with today’s modern-day state-of-the-art racing machines. The journey takes place April 29 – May 6 starting in Ensenada just across the U.S. Border from San Diego, CA. The course will wind its way south to the ultimate finish line in San Jose Del Cabo.

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Sharing in the driving duties with the Mason’s will be long time racers Martin Christensen and Rob Schultz. Drivers will be supported by co-driver/navigators Matt Nelson, Malcom Mitchel, and Don Schulz along with an extensive range of chase vehicles and experienced crew members.

“As I look back on my off road career most of the bucket list events have been crossed off. Winning the Baja 1000 with Martin [Christensen] was certainly a very big one. I even had the opportunity to race the Pikes Peak Hill Climb”, said Dave Mason Sr. “But to be racing with Martin and my son Dave Jr. in a 5-day rally through Baja with so many other great competitors, this truly is going to be something very special.”

“We have a great team of people who work really hard to prepare and conduct these races. It is truly a team effort. Also a very special thank you to the people of Mexico for their amazing hospitality and enthusiasm for off road racing,” added Mason Sr.

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