ford tremor super duty off road racer

FORD TREMOR: The Ultimate Off-Road Chase Vehicle

When you are chasing for off-road racing, whether it’s for fun, chasing for a race team, or as media the dilemma has always been do you go light like a Tacoma or Raptor package, or do you go big in an F350 so you can carry more people, tools, and tow vehicles if need be. For me personally I am always towing and need to move at least four people. I love the long range capacity of diesels, especially in Baja where gas stations are far and few between. The last thing you want to be worried about is running out of gas in the wee hours of the morning while chasing. So when I started talking to Team FORD in Las Vegas about a new truck, owner and off-road racer Steve Olliges told me to wait for the new FORD Tremor, and that’s exactly what I did. The Tremor is basically a Raptor mixed with an F350, Increased off-road capability without sacrificing load-carrying or trailer-towing capacity, exactly what I was looking for.

ford tremor super duty off road racer
ford tremor super duty off road racer
Vehicle Type:Front-engine, 4WD, 5-pass, 4-door truck
Engine:6.7L Turbo Diesel OHV 32-valve V-8
Transmision:10-speed automatic
Suspension:Straight axle coil over in the front – straight axle leaf springs in rear
Shocks:1.7-inch piston FORD shock
Stock Weight:7,874 lb
F/R weight Distribution:59/41%
Wheelbase:159.8 in
Tires:35” Goodyear
Footprint:250.0 x 80.0 x 79.3 in
0-60 MPH:7.2 sec
Towing Capacity:15,000+ (Conventional Trailer)
ford tremor super duty off road racer

What makes the ultimate chase vehicle? Our criteria is pretty simple:


You are going to be in a vehicle for hours if not days on bigger races. A chase vehicle that seats a 2 – 4 man crew comfortably. If you are lucky you will get to nod off between action so comfort is key. Chasing off-road you need to be prepared to be really hot and really cold, so a good A/C and heater is key. The FORD TREMOR comes with heated and cooled seats which I absolutely love.

ford tremor super duty off road racer
ford tremor super duty off road racer

2. Security

You need to have the ability to safely secure tools and camera equipment. Most of the places we travel off-road in the United States and Baja are rural and severely economically depressed. By parading all of our expensive gear we are targets for theft. That being said I have had more things stolen in the US than Baja. Secure your gear. The TREMOR has a built-in anti-theft factory alarm systems installed.

3. Range

Whether you’re state side or in Baja you will travel hundreds of miles without any sign of a gas station. The more range you have the better. Having long range also keeps you from having to buy “Dirty Fuel” which can wreak havoc on today’s vehciles. At an average of 14mpg with a 34 gallon tank the fuel range on the TREMOR is 406 Miles, Not bad but if we add an aftermarket tank we could get 600+ miles. The F-350 is intact available with a 48 gallon tank, but not in the TREMOR package.

ford tremor super duty off road racer
baja off road racer getting gas

4. Towing capacity

Even if you are not towing a trailer you should be prepared to tow due to logistic changes or a down vehicle. By strap or trailer the time will come where you will have to tow, so be prepared. The dilemma has always been tow vehicles are not fun to drive. They Are typically slow, cumbersome, loud, and just not comfortable. The Ford TREMOR changes all that. It drives like a F150 but has the towing capacity of an F350 it can tow 15,000+ Lbs  with a conventional trailer and more with a gooseneck. It pulls my 2 car trailer like it’s not even there. I have to watch my speed because you are very quickly towing at 75 Mph with ease.

ford tremor super duty off road racer

5. Off-Road Capability

4 wheel drive is mandatory. Sand, silt, loose rock, and mud, are just a few of the things you are going to encounter chasing in off-road. I have been stuck numerous times in 2 wheel drive vehicles only to be saved by 4 wheel drive vehicles. Not to mention trying to tow a five thousand pound plus trophy truck out with two wheel drive is not impossible depending on conditions, but why show up to a gunfight with a knife? The TREMOR also has a rear locking dif for those “special” off-road situations. Ground clearance, tire size, skid plates, all come into play as well. The TREMOR comes stock with 35” tires, 10.8 inches of ground clearance and an improved 31.65-degree approach angle. It’s a good start, but we are going to add more.

ford tremor super duty off road racer

4. Storage

Trucks are ideal because of their storage capacity. Although a lot of people have switched to the sprinter style vans they lack the durability and towing capacity. Truck Beds are perfect especially when you add utility boxes.

ford tremor off road

Mandatory Add ons:

Stay tuned as we add mandatory add ons such as Race Radio, GPS, Fridge/ Cooler, Proper Jack, Spare Tires, and tools.

team ford header off road racer

Interested in a TREMOR or another FORD? Call Chris Goeschel – Ph (702)395-5125 – e-mail and he will get you dialed.

Matt Martelli

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