Jagged X Racing 2019 Baja 500 Race Report

When we talk to people that are less familiar with the sport of off road racing there is one word that always seems to spark acknowledgement. That word is “BAJA”. No matter how little they may know about racing or motorsports the word Baja always seems to peak their interest. This stands to reason, after all, for more than half a century this unique place has been host to a pair of the most iconic motorsports events in the world. Very few people in the civilized world can say that they have never heard of the Baja 500 or 1000. What most do not know is why these events are so well recognized. That will require a trip south of the border to experience what we know as “Baja”. So what is the lure that keep us coming back to this place? We return in a quest for the Beauty……The Culture…….The Adventure…….. and because we are racers we return for the Challenge! No other place offers this kind of challenge. Each race is a new and completely unique experience. And while you will find our team at the same taco shop at the beginning of every trip, believe me, every race is unique.

This years Baja 500 was blessed with probably the nicest weather we have ever had for this event. I can’t remember ever wearing a jacket in June in Baja so thank you Baja gods for that one.

The crew at SCORE always works hard to insure that the courses are different and always changing for every race. This year their goal must have been to show us who’s boss. Clearly we know that Baja itself is boss. This years route was rough, technical, wet, dry, rocky, silty and challenging, yet if you were to ask any of the competitors most will say “Awesome”.

Sebastian Krywult

As a transplant from Poland, Sebastian Krywult has a sense of adventure flowing through his veins. He’s been an active member of the Arizona Off-Road community since 2007 exploring the endless desert landscapes and sharing his story through photography. Between developing software full time and practicing Jiu Jitsu, Sebastian always finds the time to look for his next adventure whether it be documenting a stage rally race, producing desert racing content or trekking down another unbeaten path in the Arizona high desert.

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