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Jimco Sweeps Class 1 at the 2021 Baja 500

Jimco Racing continues 25 years of domination

Jimco Racing teams swept the top three podium positions in Class 1 at the rough and technical 2021 Baja 500. Highlighted by multiple silt beds causing ongoing bottlenecks, this year’s course thoroughly tested racers and their vehicles alike. The 466-mile loop started and finished just outside of Ensenada, Baja California and over 50% of the field in Class 1 did not make the finish line, highlighting the difficulty of this year’s course.

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First across the finish line in Class 1 and 7th overall was #123 team of Broc Dickerson, Jeff Dickerson and Cameron Corfman, who piloted a Jimco Champion Chassis with a time of 11:05:40.593. Second across the line with a time of 11:19:47.268 was the #138 Wilson Motorsports team of Brian Wilson, Kyle Quinn, Ronny Wilson, Craig Darrow in their Jimco Hammerhead Chassis. Mario Fuentes finished with his third, third place podium in a row in the #179 Mafuzar Motorsports Jimco Hammerhead Chassis and completed the loop with a time of 12:36:12.777.

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Longtime off-road racer and CEO of Jimco Racing, Robbie Pierce and his team of Barry Karakas, Ramon Bio, and Robert Moruzz finished 4th in Trophy Truck Legends Class after overcoming multiple issues in the silt bed log jams in the #20L Jimco Spec Trophy Truck Chassis with a time of 15:37:47.200.

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“As a builder, it is just so rewarding to see our vehicles continue to dominate at the top level of the open-wheel class. We always plan for overall wins, but sweeping the podium is pretty special. I am always impressed with the effort these top teams put into prepping their cars and race programs to get onto the podium. Congratulations to all the teams, but especially the Dickerson’s. They ran at an incredible pace! They really have their Jimco Champion Chassis working well. It was a great team effort!” commented Jimco Racing CEO, Robbie Pierce.

The Baja 400 September 14th – 19th will be the next race in the 2021 SCORE Desert Championship.