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Lowrance GPS Infrared UTV Belt Temp Sensor

February 16, 2020 

Improve CVT Belt Life 

Fontana, Calif. – Rugged Routes has developed an infrared UTV belt temp sensor that allows the belt temperature to be displayed on the screen of a Lowrance HDS or Elite Ti GPS unit. Off-road enthusiasts can now take precautions to prevent blowing a belt.

This infrared belt temp sensor is an easy install accessory for Lowrance HDS and Elite Ti GPS Units. Keep an eye on your belt temp in order to adjust your driving style or as an aid in clutch tuning for prolonging the life of your CVT Belt. It simply connects to the N2K network just like a Point-1 Baja Antenna, and displays your CVT Belt Temp right on the Lowrance GPS screen.

Simply drill a 3/8″ – 1/2″ hole in the plastic belt cover above the center of your belt, and stick the sensor on with the lens centered over the hole. The sensor contours to the belt cover with a 3/16″ thick waterproof closed cell foam & easily sticks on with a high strength waterproof adhesive by 3M.

Install on a clean plastic surface, and hold down for 30 seconds. Wait 24 hours to fully adhere.

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