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Off-Road Racing Sponsorship 101. Part 9: Video

There is nothing more powerful than video especially if it’s well-executed. Unlike many other forms of racing teams are still allowed to produce their own videos and share them with the world via Youtube and social media. Again don’t skimp here, everybody’s kid thinks he is the next George Lucas but if you want your team to be taken seriously you need to make sure your videos are professional and tell your team’s story. The ever-common off-road action-porn has a limited appeal. Make sure you have your own set of Go-Pros not just for marketing but also so you can watch playback and learn from your driving mistakes. I recommend you have 2-4  Go-Pros minimum. Put one facing forward, one backward, one on the driver’s side, and one on suspension. Tie them into your intercom and battery system if you can. PCI or Rugged Race radios can help you with this. Publish on all social media platforms for widest reach but Youtube has the best long term value. Focus on quality over quantity, give people a reason to watch, a reason to care about you and your team. Let people become a fan of you by letting them in. Especially now, people are looking to connect, they are looking for someone to relate to, someone to cheer for. We have amazing stories in off-road racing, they just have to be unlocked correctly.

Take a look at a few videos which give you a great idea on how to market your race team for all to see, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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It doesn’t matter whether you race a Class 1, Trophy Truck, Class 10 or a UTV, you can get sponsored! Getting sponsors for your off-road racing program requires time and effort, but it’s not impossible to find a company to sponsor your race car. Check back weekly, we’ll be sharing sponsorship best practices from veteran off-road racers and industry experts.

Matt Martelli

Founder of Mad Media, a multidisciplinary creative and marketing firm and CEO of Off-Road Racer, UTV Underground, The Mint 400, The California 300, and Dirt Co. Matt is one of the biggest influences in Off-Road Racing today.

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