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Racer Profiles: Keeping Up with the Unstoppable Sammy Ehrenberg

At 59, Sammy Ehrenberg’s name has been synonymous with off-road racing for quite some time. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sammy still calls the city home. Competing in Class 12, Sammy races a JIMCO Racing 12 car and also rides a Husqvarna 350, bringing decades of experience to the desert.

His love for off-roading began at the age of five when he first rode a Honda CT-70. This early experience ignited a passion that only grew stronger over the years. Unlike many racers who are introduced to the sport by family or friends, Sammy discovered his love for speed and on his own. By the age of seven, he was already racing bicycles and 100cc go-karts, showing an early commitment to racing.

Sammy’s experience is vast and varied – he has raced three-wheelers, quads, and motorcycles, continually pushing his limits and exploring new disciplines. His dedication and adaptability have seen him succeed across these different disciplines, showcasing his versatility as a racer. While Sammy didn’t mention specific mentors in his interview, he looks up to iconic figures in the racing community such as Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen, alongside Ivan Stewart, Walker Evans, and Jack Johnson, indicating his deep respect for the pioneers of the sport.

Ehrenberg’s pre-race preparation is somewhat meticulous. His favorite race fuel is pasta, ensuring he has the energy needed for the grueling competitions. He maintains his fitness through extensive mountain biking and hydrates with hydrogen water. For long races, he trains at night to acclimate to the dark, enhancing his vision and readiness for night racing – a much needed skill in the deserts of the Southwest.

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One of his greatest achievements in motorsports is winning the Baja 1000, multiple times across four different decades. This remarkable feat underscores his longevity and consistency in the sport. Additionally, he has accumulated multiple wins in nine different classes over five decades, cementing his legacy in off-road racing.

Sammy credits his success to his family, longtime sponsors like Wilson Motorsports, and friends such as Ralph Chadwick, Larry Job and Ronny Wilson. Their support and dedication help him reach the starting line and cross the finish line in every race. In the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series, Sammy aims to be at the top of the box.

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He plans to achieve this through rigorous training, ample seat and riding time, and his relentless passion for the sport. During rough races, it’s pure passion that keeps him going, driving him to push through and perform at his best. Lining up at the start of the Mint 400 is always an incredible feeling for Ehrenberg.

Having won his class at the Mint 400 three times, he describes the experience as simply “incredible.” His triumphs at this iconic race are a testament to his skill, determination, and the support of his teammates, family, and friends. Sammy’s next event in the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series is eagerly anticipated.

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With his extensive experience in various race series such as SCORE, BITD, SNORE, Lucas Oil Short Course, and Core Short Course, he is well-prepared for any challenge that comes his way. Reflecting on his journey, Sammy advises his younger self to “be good to everyone every day, and live life every day…oh, and charge hard!”

These words of wisdom encapsulate his approach to life and racing, emphasizing kindness, perseverance, and living life to the fullest. Sammy Ehrenberg’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a lifelong commitment to off-road racing. His achievements and outlook on life serve as an inspiration to racers and fans alike.

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Want to follow along Sammy’s race efforts? Check him out on Instagram @sammyehrenberg.