RPM Offroad UPS The Ante With Contingency At Bristol Forests Rally

Bristol Forests Rally is excited to announce a special promotion by our local partners RPM Offroad. They want to see a full field of fast rally racers invade their hometown of Bristol, TN in May, so they’re sponsoring contingency awards to the top 3 finishers Overall and the top 3 finishers in 2WD (SxSs included in 2WD category) provided that over 30 cars and SxSs start the race.

“We want to see the fastest rally cars on the east coast racing in Bristol, so we’re proud to be part of this awesome promotion. We hope it will help draw top cars and top talent to Tennessee,” said Justin Matney, President of RPM Offroad and Driver of the RPM Offroad Trophy Truck.
Probably the simplest contingency ever devised, teams need only buy an RPM Offroad decal and a Bristol Forests Rally decal during scrutineering and place it on their tow rig prior to starting the rally on Saturday morning to be eligible. Just snap a picture over the weekend showing the stickers on the tow vehicle, and that’s it!

Payout Structure:

Overall Podium

  • $700*
  • $550*
  • $400*

2WD and SxS**

  • $500*
  • $350*
  • $200*

*31 total car and/or SxS entries must start the rally to receive payouts.
**2WD cars or SxSs on the Overall and 2WD podiums will receive the higher payout only.