Mason 4wd Sourapas front side

Sourapas 4WD Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck

It’s undeniable that Mason Motorsports has become one of the biggest names in the Unlimited Trophy Truck Class. Less than 5 years ago Geiser Bros. was unstoppable dominating the field in almost every race with there simple but effective 2 Wheel Drive Trophy Trucks. Times are changing, and the drivers tend to favor the builders who have the vehicle with the most advanced technology available.

With the re-arrival of the 4 Wheel Drive technology ( The Herbst Brothers did it in the ’90s), Mason became “the” vehicle manufacturer to deliver the next step in technology.  We say “the” because it seems many of the top drivers have made the switch to a Mason. Andy McMillin, Luke McMillin, Dan McMillin, Christian Sourapas, Brett Sourapas, Bryce Menzies, and the list goes on. Brett and Christian Sourapas have climbed up from Trophylites to Trophy Truck Spec, and now they have the opportunity to pilot one of the most advanced Trophy Trucks ever constructed. Under the watchful eye of their father, multi-time off-road champion Steve Sourapas.

Mason wd Sourapas

Mason Motorsports has created a new 4 Wheel Trophy Truck that combines custom suspension, custom portal hubs, custom differentials, a Dougans big block 8 stack engine and a completely purpose-built Mason-Matic trophy truck transmission that brings the next evolution in desert racing technology, we did a video piece on it for you to check out but now it’s time to geek out the specs and photos of this incredible machine.

Vehicle Build Spec Sheet

Owner:  Sourapas Motorsports                     
Builder: Mason Motorsports INC             
Chassis:  Mason Motorsports Mid Engine AWD           
Weight :   6850 Race ready full of fuel                    
Wheel Base: 125″             
Track Width: 94″              


Engine : Dougans 555″ Big block with 8 Stack induction                     
Cooling: CBR
Exhaust: Mason Motorsports Stainless Tri Y done by at
Plumbing: Brown and Miller
Transmission: Masomatic 5 speed
Driveline: Drivelines Inc.
Hubs:  Rear = Pro Am  Front = Mason Motorsports
Brakes : Alcon 6 piston with 14″ floating rotors
Fuel Cell: Mason Motorsports can and Harmon racing cells bladder 105 gallons


Tires: BFG 40″
Wheels: Unsure
Paint/ Graphics:  Lil Michaels Customs
Body: Mason Motorsports TT Body
Front Suspension: Independent control arms utilizing Mason Motorsports 4 Gear Portals
Rear Suspension: 4 link
Steering: Power Steering Solutions Box and pump,  I.D. designs ram and Mason Motorsports Swing Set
Wiring: James Lin Motorsports
Lights: Baja Designs


Navigation:  Lowrance
Communication: PCI
Seats: Cobra Suzuka with Outlas

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