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The Best Vehicle Tie-Down Straps on the Planet

Product: Rhino USA Vehicle Ratchet Tire Down Kit

The quick hit: Don’t risk securing your hotrod, UTV, or other expensive toys with cheap, garbage vehicle tie-down straps. Get the RHINO USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Kit and the peace of mind knowing the car, truck, or UTV you love is safe and secure while traveling. 

rhino usa straps

It’s amazing how much time and money people will invest into building the perfect hotrod, custom show car, or custom desert toys like sand rails and UTV’s. Hours and hours of time researching, finding or building custom parts, picking the perfect accessories, and then finding the perfect trailer to tow it with. Between the tow vehicle, trailer, and toy you’re investing anywhere from $50K to well over $150,000 – yet some folks inevitably cut corners on the most important part of the equation – the ratchet straps. 

We see it all the time – people on the side of the road, vehicles damaged, other vehicles pulled over with damage, etc.. all because the owner wanted to save $15 and bought cheaply made garbage tie-down straps. Luckily, there’s an American-owned, father/son business right here in the USA that makes the best vehicle ratchet straps on the planet, and they are revolutionizing transport and recovery equipment. I’m talking about Rhino USA. 

rhino usa straps

Each week here at UTVUnderground we load up and tow something heavy and valuable. Last week it was a brand new 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate, and this week we’re hauling with a brand new $91,000 Ram 1500 TRX. The LAST thing we need is a vehicle tie-down or ratchet failure. We’ve been testing the Rhino USA Vehicle Vehicle Tie Down Straps for the past few months and we’re here to tell you this is the best 2” ratchet strap and axle strap tie-down kit on the market, period.

The Rhino USA Vehicle Ratchet Tie Down Kit comes with four premium 2” X 8’ ratchet tie-downs with padded “T” handles, and coated chromoly s-hooks rated for an incredible 11,128 pounds each! The kit also includes four 2” X 38” padded axle straps with metal D rings for extra ruggedness. This all fits nicely in the supplied Rhino USA bag to keep everything neat and clean when not in use, perfect for stuffing behind the back seat of your truck or in the bed compartments. 

rhino usa straps

When you pick up the Rhino USA Ratchet Tie Downs you immediately FEEL the quality. The straps feel much thicker than most straps, and the PolyBlend Webbing looks indestructible. The ratchets glide easily when you extend them and there is a nice piece of industrial velcro to hold the excess strap and keep it from flapping around or needing to be loop tied. Rhino really dove in deep on all the little things most cheap straps are missing too. 

The included axle straps make it easy to attach your vehicle without the fear of scratching anything. And the rubberized s-hooks feature a locking mechanism that’s super helpful. We’ve been using our kits for months now and they are showing no signs of wear. And that’s after taking several UTV’s on cross-country trips through the rain and snow.

Our only two minor gripes are that we’d like to see the Axle straps come in a few color options, (the green is rad but we’re an all-black camp) and the supplied storage bag for the kit might not survive living in the bed of our trucks for too long. But those are pretty minor dings. It’s not like we’re in a fashion contest for machine transport, and we have room in the cab for the kit. 

If you are towing any vehicle of value, or just want to be SAFE with what you’re towing, don’t buy cheap straps from Harbor Freight. Buy American and buy Rhino USA with confidence. They have a 100% money-back guarantee. You can pick them up directly at rhinousainc.com or any major online reseller.

Josh Martelli

Josh Martelli is the co-owner and COO of Off-Road Racer and a regular contributor and writer. He is best know professionally as the co-director and editor of the XP1K series, the first three Gymkhana films, and over 100 nationally televised commercials and programs. He lives in San Diego and Lake Havasu City where he spends his time riding UTV's, restoring vintage arcade games, and shooting and axe throwing for recreation.