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The Mint 400 becomes the most widely available off-road program in history!

The Great American Off-Road Race now reaches a massive global digital audience.

• The Mad Media produced Mint 400 documentary coverage has aired on television uninterrupted since 2010.
• The Mint 400 catalog will now be available on many major digital platforms, including Apple TV.
• Off-road race fans can now buy or rent every exciting year of race action and watch them from any device!

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The Mint 400 announced today that they have completed delivering every action packed year of Mint 400 documentary film coverage through 2021, to their distribution partner 1091 Pictures. Each action packed year from 2010 through 2021 will now be available on nearly a dozen digital platforms – making the Mint 400 documentary shows the most widely distributed off-road race content on the planet. The 1091 Pictures network will allow off-road enthusiasts to rent or purchase the adrenalized Mint 400 programs on Apple iTunes and Amazon, as well as stream free on Tubi, Pluto, Roku and other over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

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“We’re thrilled to have 1091 Pictures as our distribution partner on our entire Mint catalog, (a decade’s worth of blood and sweat), out there for off-road race fans to appreciate. It not only extends the Mint 400 brand into every home and on every digital device on the planet, but it’s also a tremendous ongoing value to our racers, sponsors, and the sport in general. The Mint has always been a lightning rod for the industry, and attracts global attention and racers from different racing disciplines, so we’re thrilled to have eleven years worth of incredible racing action and championship stories out there for everyone to see,” commented Mint 400 CEO and Co Owner Matt Martelli.

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“We’ve captured some pivotal moments in automotive history over the past decade, from Justin Lofton winning the Mint overall three times, to the return of the bikes and Rob MacCachren’s big win in 2021. Characters like Robby Gordon going door to door with Luke McMillin all the way down to the Class 11 stock VW bug racers. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Mad Media, the motorsports powerhouse production company behind the Mint 400’s catalog, was hired to cover the Mint 400 in 2010 by then General Tire Marketing Director Dana Zamalloa. The team produced a unique, groundbreaking documentary style TV show that aired on Fuel TV, later moving to Speed Television, then NBC Sports, ABC’s World of X Games, and ESPN in subsequent years.

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2018 Mint 400 Photography

The storied race was also part of the Red Bull Signature series for several years before The Martelli Brothers brought their own in-house Livestream program online in 2018.The broadcast television landscape has changed radically since 2010, but Mad Media and the Mint 400 production staff, including longtime Mint 400 Co-Producer Lonnie Peralta, have remained steadfast in their pursuit of capturing all of the dynamic and exciting race action that unfolds at the Mint each year, at the highest possible level of production.

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“Ten years ago we were the first group to bring a (4K) RED camera out on the dirt. Back then we could see that the changes in technology, both on the equipment side and the distribution side were going to bring about some pretty amazing opportunities down the road,” commented Mint 400 COO and Co Owner Josh Martelli.

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“Of course we didn’t quite envision delivering our shows in 4K via Apple, Amazon and Walmart, so it’s refreshing to have a way to reach a massive audience with so few hurdles, and the guys at 1091 have been great to partner with on that effort. This is a proud moment for us. Not many groups can point to eleven years of content and say ‘We did that!’, so we’re stoked!”
A complete list of all of the Mint 400 programs and platforms are available on the Mint 400 website, along with links to rent or purchase the shows on every major digital platform. The Mint 400 production staff is already in pre-production for the 2023 livestream broadcast, their 5th consecutive year of producing such widely viewed content.