The NORRA 500 rally and the pine forest

We all know the common areas of Baja during races like Ojos Negros, San Matias, San Felipe, Colonet or San Quintin to mention a few, all of them share the same desert landscape, and as beautiful they are, this spots in Baja are usually more restricted and hard to get usage permit. This is the case with “Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857” commonly known as “Sierra de Juarez”, a protected forest just an hour away from Ojos Negros where the forest blooms with their majestic pine trees and some of the freshest air in all Baja.

So we put our task to spent the day shooting in the forest capturing beautiful postal cards that share the beauty of what off-road racing and Baja don’t offer very often.

If you want to know the winners and all about the race, head over here.

By Ernesto Araiza

norraThe morning mist, Half way to Ojos Negros you can jump into different weather conditions in a snap.

norra  Always watch and expect live cattle at all times, racetrack or highway, racing or not.

norraOnce we got there, we simply let the forest… Engulf us.

norraAlmost 100 entries took the 500-mile challenge, from unlimited pre-runners to vintage classic’s.

norraDust started to rise thru the pine trees…

norraMaking the trees glow.

norraThis is a protected-area and we must be very careful when racing.

norraDave Mason Jr. was the overall winner of this 2022 edition of the NORRA 500 on his Class1 unlimited buggy.

norraInto the forest.

norraPj Jones in between the woods.

norraUtv’s became the favorite vehicle to race NORRA

norraMeanwhile a storm was brewing in the horizon

norraRemember that you’re nothing compared to a mighty tree.

norraWhile heading to our photography spots, we find gems like this one, Baja culture at best.

norraAlso watch out for random abandoned trucks close to the racetrack.

norraThe truck was open so…

norraOne of the McMillin’s jewels, Macadu coming in hot!

norraI like the combination of pine trees with V8’s

norraMaybe a mexican coke before continuing the race?

norraHard to believe that only 30 minutes away there’s a forest paradise.

norraRemember, from the space perspective, wood is far more rare than gold.

And now after a relax drive thru the forest, we get ready to head to Barstow to the inaugural California 300, a race with lots of potential and we can’t wait to be there capturing the best action possible.

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