The Official Wheel of King of the Hammers 2020 Takes Method Drivers to the Podiums

PROVEN | KOH Domination

Josh Blyler became the sixth King of the Hammers Champion, ending the streak of the same five kings over the past 12 years. With a comfortable lead over the field, Josh put his Miller Motorsports Buggy on its lid just a mile short of the finish line. While his is co-driver Jared scrambled to get out of his seat to set the hooks, he told Josh not to wait on him once on all fours. Josh didn’t wait and added his name to the Kings’ list of winners at the 2020 King of the Hammers!

Blyler completed the rough 212-mile course through desert and rocks upon 17″ 202 Forged beadlocks that are built to take a beating in all racing conditions.

If you’re looking for a version of this wheel for your daily driver, then check out the 311 Vex from the Street Series lineup. A solid 10 window design, debossed METHOD logo, and a bolt-on center cap for 5 & 6 applications. The 311 Vex wheel is equipped with a V.2 street-loc lip which simulates a true beadlock wheel.

Winning the overall back in 2016 & 2017, Brad Lovell adds another 4 Wheels Parts Every Man Challenge win to his name in 2020. 10 years ago in the same car, Brad lost by 28 seconds, this year he was able to close out 2nd place by 28 seconds!

His Amsoil backed crawler is a staple to the King of the Hammers crowd. A true ICON of the industry and the Lovell’s choose to run the OG 101 Beadlock. A racing wheel that shares countless wins and championships over different platforms of racing.

Want to run a street-legal version of the 101? Take a look at the 304 Double Standards. A legendary 12 spoke design with a debossed METHOD logo on a spoke. Clean and simple V.1 street-loc lip to emulate the race wheel design.

More Podium Positions!

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