ca limiited race vk

The photography of the Inaugural California 300

Barstow, California. A place were thousands and thousands of off-road enthusiasts go to test and play with their offroad machines, and while small race organizations currently uses the area to put races together, it has been decades since a mayor off-road event was held in this sacred off-road land.

Now The Martelli Brothers, owners of The Mint 400 decided to bring back to California a mayor race-event putting together a 300-mile challenge that now will be known as The California 300.

In this first edition mother nature cooperated in most beautiful way which for us, the photographers, had the task to capture it, and you’ll be the judge if we did a good job…

ca contingency vkWelcome to the #Cali300 | Vincent Knakal

ca limiited race vkCalifornia is offroad land. | Vincent Knakal

CaliforniaDesertCleanUpStillsDon’t trash the desert, Cali300 edition. | Cameron Johnson

California pokerrun eaTrack is set. | Ernesto Araiza

California pokerrun eaPrerun days. | Ernesto Araiza

ca limiited race vk  3 days of racing. | Vincent Knakal

Ronnie Anderson California timetrials eaTime Trials. | Ernesto Araiza

California timetrials eaThe party. | Ernesto Araiza

Randy Romo California shortcourse eaWhere mornings are full of dust. | Ernesto Araiza

Ronnie Anderson ca short course vkDreaming of racing. | Vincent Knakal

Ronnie Anderson California shortcourse eaShort Course in the morning. | Ernesto Araiza

ca short course vkA storm brewing. | Vincent Knakal

Devon Smith ca short course vkSingle seaters are the real deal. | Vincent Knakal

California shortcourse eaRacing horizon’s | Ernesto Araiza

Cole Fike California shortcourse eaLike surfing but in the desert. | Ernesto Araiza

Braden Krah California shortcourse eaMorning roost. | Ernesto Araiza

paxton schelndel ca youth race cm

Kids had fun too. | Connor Moore

California desert limited eaLimited race. | Ernesto Araiza

California desert limited eaThru fire and smoke. | Ernesto Araiza

Mitch guthrie California desert limited eaThe backside. | Ernesto Araiza

California desert limited eaGoing up. | Ernesto Araiza

Andrew Becerra California desert limited eaTrouble. | Ernesto Araiza

California desert limited eaGetting caught. | Ernesto Araiza

Jeremy Crandall California desert limited eaShark attack. | Ernesto Araiza

Karissa Veenstra California desert limited eaRunning away. | Ernesto Araiza

Tim Sletten California desert limited eaMooned. | Ernesto Araiza

California desert limited eaBarstow, off-road land. | Ernesto Araiza

California ilimited eaDanger ahead. | Ernesto Araiza

brent veenstra californiaBetween storms. | Vincent Knakal

Josh Horschel californiaBattleground. | Ernesto Araiza

johnny mccall californiaRed eyes. | Vincent Knakal

troy grabowski californiaOn top of the world. | Ernesto Araiza

California ilimited eaCali’ dreamin’ | Ernesto Araiza

cayden maccachren californiaRush hour. | Ernesto Araiza

cayden maccachren californiaPrayer. | Ernesto Araiza

johnny mccall californiaOn the edge. | Ernesto Araiza

thomas st peter californiaPurple rain. | Ernesto Araiza

troy grabowski californiaOverall winner. | Ernesto Araiza

ca unlimiited race vkWatercolor skies. | Vincent Knakal

California ilimited eaCalifornia sunsets. | Ernesto Araiza

will heaton californiaExhausted. | Ernesto Araiza

California ilimited eaInto the night. | Ernesto Araiza

cayden maccachren california

Checkered flag. | Connor Moore

troy grabowski california

The shot. | Connor Moore