weddle industries off road racer

The Ultimate ATB Diff for VW Type 1 IRS

Transfer power to both wheels smoothly and automatically, without the use of friction discs or drive plates common in other limited-slip designs.

The Weddle Industries Automatic Torque Biasing Differential for VW Type 1 IRS transaxles features a strong helical gear driven design that offers greatly improved traction in a wide range of driving conditions. ATB diffs are known for their extreme durability, with no costly plates or clutches to wear out. All internal components are made from the highest quality materials and critical housing dimensions are precision ground after heat treat. Features include:
weddle industries off road racer
  • 091 (40T) output splines for increased strength
  • Heavy duty steel gears running in case-hardened steel bodies
  • Each unit includes new diff carrier bearings, Type 1 to 091 drive flange seals, drive flange circlips, spring washers, special spacers, rubber plugs for drive flanges

QVWT1C        ATB Differential for VW Type 1 IRS Trans

Price  $1562.21

Applications: ’69+ VW Type 1 IRS Transaxles

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