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The Winners Are In!

silver state  Las Vegas, Nevada April 30, 2024

The 2024 MAXXIS Tires Silver State 300 presented by Rugged Radios race had truly epic conditions. Mother nature deluged the course with heavy rain leading up to the event, creating an unbelievable racecourse for all participants. Both Bryan Folks, Best in the Desert CEO, and the racers praised the racecourse as one of the best in the 27-year history of the event. The course showcased a mix of variety, speed, technicality, and scenic elements. The hard work put in by BITD to create a racecourse that utilized new and underutilized sections paid off, resulting in a successful and well-received race. In addition, by using Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Holley’s LS Fest for Tech, Contingency and the Event Expo made it memorable for all involved.

Folks commented, “In the 27-year history of the Silver State 300 I do not believe we have ever had the ground this wet, and perfect for racing, on the actual race day. Days like today are what makes heroes. Overall, the race was amazing. The racer consensus at the finish line was that the racecourse was the best ever, and every racer seemed to love it. BITD worked very hard this year to provide a racecourse that had great variety, was extremely fast, scenic (even at speed), super technical and we think hit the mark.” Again from Bryan, “A lot of work went into laying out this year’s racecourse. Rather than do a similar course to prior years we used some sections that either have never been used or rarely used. Once it all came together, I think we gave the racers a great racecourse.”

Race Highlights:

skyler howes nMotorcycle/ATV race – Monster Energy Factory Honda racer Skyler Howes (N10) did battle to the midway point with the KTM racing team of Logan/McPherson and Honda racing Hintz/Hunter. The past 3-time Silver State 300 overall champ added another to his impressive W list. Skyler was first overall with an average speed of 53.82 MPH.

coopershaw pThe O-30 pro team of Cooper/Shaw (P7) had an impressive ride finishing 4th OA.

ryan wheelerRyan Wheeler (327) – First Open Ex and 5th OA.

dick wilkDick Wilk teamed with former AMA 500cc National Champion and Trophy Des Nations Champion Chuck Sun to win the O-50 expert class.

chad kenner jChad Kenner (J33) – Won the IM Pro class and 8th OA.

justine moore oJustine Moore (O9) – Won the IM Ex class and 11th OA. Notice a little mud helping him along?

kellen davies oKellen Davies (O63) – Was first AM across the finish line and 1st IM AM.

brett greenholz qBrett Greenholz (Q2) – 1st Quad Pro.

vaughn gitten jrCar/Truck race – Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was overall car/truck winner Vaughn Gitten Jr (1525). Vaughn has a motocross background and is a world renowned drifter as part of the Ford racing family. Vaughn has diversified into off-road racing and the SS 300 was his first race in off-road desert racing. He won handily. His average speed was 50.31 MPH. Bryan Folks said, “It was an honor to have Vaughn race the BITD Silver State 300 as his first venture in off-road desert racing. I thought he would be competitive, but I was shocked by how quickly he adapted and made his stake in our space. I think we are about to see a lot more from Vaughn in the future to come.”

david zieglerDavid Ziegler (6123) – Lead to the half-way point before getting passed by Vaughn. David finished 1st 6100 and 2ndOA.

bailey campbellBailey Campbell (4499) – Daughter of racing legend Shannon Campbell. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Bailey finished 3rd OA.

ryan prosserRyan Prosser (42) – Won the Trick Truck class and finished 4th OA.

cody bradbury hUTV race – Cody Bradbury (H1) earned top honors with a first OA in the UTV classes. Cody had an average speed of 50.99 MPH. Mitch Guthrie Jr (H51) once again was battling for the OA and flats forced him to lose time and once again, he finished 2nd OA.

dustin jones tDefending overall champ Dustin Jones (T978) and 5th OA was an early leader but had flat tires kept him from another OA victory. He was able to finish 1st Pro Turbo. Michell Alsup (T831) finished 2nd Pro Turbo and 6th OA.

derrick lutrell sDerrick Lutrell (S74) – Won the Super Stock class and finished 10th OA.

jared bryant rJared Bryant (R105) – Won the Pro NA class in a Honda Talon and 13th OA.

mason cotterUTV Youth race – For the first time ever BITD allowed the UTV youth racers the chance to race on the big racecourse and they did not disappoint. All of the racers loved the racecourse and the chance to hone their skills for the next level. Mason Cotter (610) won overall with an average speed of 51.01 MPH. BITD is considering running the UTV Youth 1000 class in Vegas to Reno.

Coming Up:vegas to reno

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