Ultimate Off-Road Vehicles: Mason Motorsports 4WD Trophy Truck

For just over 50 years off-road racing has been the ultimate proving ground for automotive technology. If it can live through the brutality of off-road racing on road use is a cakewalk. 4 Wheel drive technology has never been able to survive the combination of extreme suspension travel and the unforgiving brutality of the terrain. Now Mason Motorsports has come up with a new platform that combines suspension, portal hubs, differentials, a Dougans big block 8 stack engine and a completely purpose built Mason-Matic trophy truck transmission.

4 Wheel drive trophy trucks have won Laughlin Desert Challenge, Silver State 300, The Tijuana Challenge, Vegas to Reno, Parker 425, King of the Hammers, but now they head to the roughest off-road race of them all “The Great American Off-Road Race” The BFgoodrich Mint 400. If a 4-Wheel drive trophy Truck wins The Mint 400 it changes everything, proving the platform as dominant even at the roughest off-road races. Pay attention, history is about to be made. Either the 4 Wheel drive Mason becomes the weapon of choice or the proven 2 Wheel drive trophy truck platform remains king! It all comes down to the 2020 BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 – March 3rd – 8th Las Vegas, NV

Directed by The Martelli Brothers
Produced by Mad Media

Chris Leone

A veteran of the motorsports industry (both physical and digital), Chris Leone contributes coverage of race events of all types to Off-Road Racer. Elsewhere, he is the marketing/communications manager at iRacing, media director of Jim Beaver's Down & Dirty Show, and a frequent contributor to UTV Underground.

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