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UNLTD Off-Road Racing Co-Owner and COO Appointed to BLM DAC

Josh Martelli to join the Bureau of Land Management Desert Advisory Council for California Desert District

San Diego, CA May 3rd 2024 – Unlimited Off-Road Racing proudly announced today the appointment of co-owner and Chief Operating Officer Josh Martelli to the Bureau of Land Management’s California Desert District Advisory Council. Martelli will serve a three-year term representing commercial recreation interests on the council. He was selected from a pool of applicants due to his decades of experience as a content producer and off-road racing promoter, having helped grow the sport across California for over 20 years.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be selected as a committee member for the California Desert District.” said Josh Martelli, co-owner and COO of Unlimited Off-Road Racing. “I have spent the last forty years camping, hiking, fishing, riding motorcycles and UTV’s in our beautiful and diverse California deserts. We began working in the off-road racing industry over twenty years ago, and as promoters of the fastest growing desert off-road race series in North America we have both an intimate knowledge of, and a shared interest in the preservation of access to our public lands and OHV spaces. I’m very excited to listen to and understand the needs of our fellow stakeholders in the state, as well as help educate the BLM and my fellow committee members about the needs of the OHV and desert racing community. It’s very important that we have someone present to represent the interests of the California off-road community in these meetings as they can often affect policy decisions.”

The Department of the Interior (DOI) established the resource advisory committees, (RAC’s) in 1995. RAC and advisory committee members vote on recommendations related to public land management and provide those recommendations to the designated Federal official who serves as the BLM’s liaison. The Designated Federal Officer is usually a BLM line manager, such as the state director or district manager. Each member assists in the development of recommendations that address public land management issues. These include land use planning, fire management, off-highway vehicle use, recreation, oil and gas exploration, noxious weed management, grazing issues, wild horse and burro herd management issues, and so on.

The California Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) advises BLM officials for the Barstow, El Centro, Needles, Palm Springs, and Ridgecrest field offices. The DAC consists of 10 to 15 members who represent stakeholder interests in public land management, such as conservationists, outdoor recreationists, ranchers, industry officials, tribal leaders, state and local government officers, academics, and others. The Council provides advice to the BLM’s California Desert District Manager regarding the management of public land resources within the Council’s jurisdiction. The Council meets two to four times per year.

More information on the California Desert District Advisory Council can be found at:

About UNLTD Off-Road Racing
The Unlimited Off-Road Racing league was formed by The Martelli Brothers in 2023 after more than a decade of successful desert off-road race promotion, including The Mint 400, The UTV World Championship and The California 300. The league was formed to promote the sport of desert off-road racing, the off-road industry, and to expand the reach of off-road companies beyond the industry and into the homes of every off-road race fan, globally. Key attributes of the newly formed league include large racer car counts, competitive and challenging race courses, safe and family-friendly spectating areas, multiple days of racing and off-road festivities all located near major cities and markets that positively affect the off-road industry. The Martelli Brothers, owners of the motorsports powerhouse production group Mad Media have made it their mission to grow the league into a four race series that showcases the best off-road racers on the best courses in North America.