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Method Race Wheels Vegas To Reno Time Trials Live Stream

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Wednesday, August 11th from 9am-4pm, you can watch the live stream from Best In The Desert’s Method Race Wheels Vegas to Reno Time Trials. Follow along as the best off-road racers in the world battle for start positions at the 25th Annual Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno. Qualifying classes include:

Group A – Motorcycle Open Pro
Vehicle Staging – 8:30 AM
Site Lap Starts – 9:00 AM
Qualifying Lap Starts – 9:15 AM

Group B – UTV Pro Turbo and Pro Open
Vehicle Staging – 9:10 AM
Site Lap Starts – 9:40 AM
Qualifying Lap Starts – 10:20 AM

Group C – Class 1000 and Class 7200
Vehicle Staging – 11:10 AM
Site Lap Starts – 11:40 AM
Qualifying Lap Starts – 12:00 PM

Group D – Class 6100 and Class 6200
Vehicle Staging – 12:10 PM
Site Lap Starts – 12:40 PM
Qualifying Lap Starts – 1:10 PM

Group E – Class 1500 and Trick Trucks
Vehicle Staging – 2:00 PM
Site Lap Starts – 2:30 PM

Qualifying Lap Starts – 2:55 PM

For more race information visit www.bitd.com.

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