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View the 2022 Mint 400 Race Courses Today

Download the free BFGoodrich OnTrail App for your first look
at the 2022 Mint 400 race courses!

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The Mint 400 announced today that BFGoodrich® OnTrail, a simple and effective navigation app that allows you to record and publish your own trails, the Official Mapping App of The Mint 400. The official 2022 Mint 400 race courses are now available to view through BFGoodrich OnTrail, which can be downloaded for free with no subscription through the App Store or Google Play. When someone begins their free membership, it includes a $60 Rebate on a set of BFGoodrich Tires.
Viewable courses include the Car/Truck, Motorcycle, Youth 570/1000 and Youth 170/250 race courses. Official race course files will be available on the Racer Information Page for racers to download on Sunday, March 6th at 6:00pm PST.

With over 50 years of off-road experience, BFGoodrich® Tires has created OnTrail to help you find & discover new trails with a host of helpful information for planning your next ride. OnTrail is built to be easy to use and combines public trail information with information from the BFGoodrich® OnTrail community, professional off-road partners and professional off-road cartographers.

One of the greatest features about the app is the ability to edit your trails on your computer. This function automatically syncs between your phone and desktop browser. Explore your limits as a driver, discover new trails, and find a community of people dedicated to doing the same. Share data, points-of-interest, photos, and more through BFGoodrich® OnTrail™. In-app missions and challenges let you earn points that add up to real rewards; and everything is backed by the Off-Road experts at BFGoodrich® Tires.
Additional information about OnTrail can be found on UTVUnderground’s product feature & ‘how to use’ tutorial.

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