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Vision Wheel Launches the Vision It AR App to Major App Stores

Are you tired of searching all over the internet for that perfect set of wheels for your ride? Want to see an instant preview of hundreds of wheels right from your driveway? Then download the all-new Vision It App from Vision Wheel!

The all-new “Vision It” Augmented Reality app lets you preview hundreds of Vision wheels on your vehicle in a matter of seconds. It’s the ultimate visualizer for your custom ride! Just download the app, hold your smartphone or tablet up to your vehicle, select your wheel of choice and share photos of your vehicle via social media or email. There’s even a dealer locator built right into the app.

Avoid the hassle of in-person haggling and hours of waiting around to test fit your new wheels. It takes less than a minute to download the app and set it up – and you’ll have access to hundreds of Vision’s industry-leading wheels!  

Vision Wheel manufactures the toughest, and most durable car and truck wheels on the market AND – we offer a complete line of high-end luxury wheels for the ultimate finish for your sports car. Check them out, right from the comfort of your home. The app works on iOS and Android and covers our luxury, street, and off-road lines all at the touch of a button!

Visit Visionwheel.com now and download the new Vision It App to your smartphone or tablet and see what your vehicle will look like with a new set of Vision Wheels!

Download for Apple or Android

Ernesto Araiza

Being born right in the heart of Off-Road Racing, Ernesto always had a dream to be an Off-Road Racer. After finish college he ditched his engineer career to chase the dream of action photographer. It didn't took long to get spotted by MadMedia where he still works. In less than 5 years after 'going pro' he reached some of the most important peaks in his life working for several international brands and events like the Rally Dakar. After 30 years of dreaming, he still have one goal in mind, to keep his face full of dust.