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Volcon Obtains Pre-Orders that Sells Out Entire 2023 Forecast; $100M+ of Potential Revenue

Austin, TX | August 19, 2022: Volcon Inc. (NASDAQ: VLCN), the first all-electric, off-road powersports company, announced today that it has received over $100 million of pre-production orders for its first all-wheel drive, fully electric UTV, the Stag, powered by General Motors (NYSE: GM) electric propulsion system technology.

Over 90% of the pre-production orders have come from Volcon’s domestic and international dealer network. Pre-production orders are non-binding and if ultimately finalized, would result in more than $100 million worth of revenue for the company following delivery.

“Stag pre-orders have surpassed our 2023 sales forecast, with dealer demand remaining prevalent following our June 27, 2022 dealer launch. While we firmly believed we would achieve our pre-production sales targets, we have been pleasantly surprised at the pace at which we achieved our goals,” said Jordan Davis, Chief Executive Officer. “Although our current focus is squarely on our goal of finalizing development of the Stag and moving into full production by Q2 2023, we will now turn additional attention and resources towards increasing our component supply and manufacturing output.”

With an MSRP of $39,999, dealers were required to submit purchase orders directly through Volcon’s sales representatives. While pre-production orders have surpassed 2023 production targets, the Company will begin planning the expansion of its supply and production capabilities in collaboration with General Motors, which may help to meet demand in 2023 and beyond. Volcon will continue to accept orders from dealers, as well as additional consumer reservations, via a waitlist.

Visit, for more product details and to make a reservation for a Volcon Stag.