Welcome to ORR

When Dave Ekins rode his bike 1000 miles thru Baja back in 1963 we can bet that he never fully understood what he created, a sport so beautiful that +50 years later we still talk about it as if it was the first time we experience it. But when in comes to the media Robby Gordon say it best “OffRoad is the motorsports biggest secret” and we believe is up to us to expose this secret, how? with compelling stories worth tell…

Most people don’t understand what it takes to race, most people dont understand what it feels to be on board of a race car sliding thru a sharp turn, hitting those whoops at full speed, or to be in the middle of the dark night broken with no communications; most people don’t understand what it takes for a team to be there, celebrating on top of the podium or even more, dealing with crushing defeat. We want to change that with Offroadracer.com making the compromise to show off-road to the world in a more in-deep personal perspective, it’s time to prove why we believe this is the most beautiful sport and why it’s worth preserving and as media outlet, we need to evolve. 

“Off-Road racing as we currently know it has just turned 50 years old and it’s time to evolve. If we want to be treated like professionals we have to start behaving professionally. If we don’t evolve we will parish, and more importantly we will not get the credit or respect we deserve. I firmly believe off-road racing is the greatest motorsport on the planet! Our sport, our culture is a multi-billion dollar global business. We sell trucks, suv’s, tires, wheels, oil, fuel, and most importantly we sell freedom and unbridled fun. We have a lot of work to do to catch up to NASCAR, IMSA, Indycar, and even F1. We owe it to ourselves, to our community, to our forefathers. We owe it to Mikey Thompson, Sal Fish, Casey Folks, Walt Lot, and all the people who sweated and bled for the sport and culture we love. We will cover desert racing, short course, mid course, rally, rally raid, rock racing, motocross, and more.

The launch of Off-Road Racer will usher in a new era of off-road racing. One that allows off-road racing to unlock it’s true value.” – Matt Martelli Off Road Racer Founder

We are racers, we are media professionals and we are fans. Welcome to Off Road Racer.