Who will win The Mint 400 2020?

Let’s stir the pot, time to make some bets and why not, talk some “trash”. As the time we are writing this story, there’s 22 entries in the official entry list in the Unlimited Truck category (let’s not get confused with Trophy-Trucks, Trick-Trucks or T1 trucks… sigh) so who have more chances to take that sweet, sweet overall trophy?

This odds are merely a subjective opinion and doesn’t try to do anything else besides entertain yourself.

Driver of RecordOdds [Dice trow]Reason
Daniel Zukowski1 : 5Not for the initiated
Bryce Menzies4 : 2Hometown boy carrying momentum from KOH
Rob MacCachren4 : 2The GOAT needs this
Tim Herbst1 : 5Not the 90’s anymore
Jax Redline1 : 5New talent around
Dave Taylor1 : 5Anything can happen
Steve Olliges1 : 5Needs to take chances
Ryan Arciero3 : 3Darkhorse
Dan Mckenzie1 : 5Why not
Brett Comiskey1 : 5Nothing is impossible
Kit Stokes1 : 5But definitely hard
Justin Lofton4 : 2Mr. Mint
Paul Weel1 : 5Better be fast
Robert Johnston2 : 4Smooth like whiskey
Fred Ledezma1 : 5Families that race together
Ryan Poleman2 : 4Always on the hunt
Kevin Thompson3 : 3Darkhorse II
Sara Price2 : 4Reliable and fast
Eric Hardin1 : 5Experienced
David Kleiman1 : 5Better step up
Luke McMillin4 : 2Making his last name justice
Christian Sourapas3 : 3Newest truck and talent