WP Xplor Fork kit by Precision Concepts

New bikes don’t always come standard with the latest and greatest, and that’s certainly the case with the WP XPLOR 48 fork. After some extensive work testing and modifying components, we’ve come up with a solution to remedy the XPLOR suspenders in a simple fashion.


The XPLOR forks come from WP as a trail-friendly package for slower-speed, dual-sport terrain. But in our opinion, the design of the forks leaves massive room for improvement. The single-sided function of the fork leads to significant premature fading and the overall valving style hinders its performance out on the trail. In addition, the external compression adjuster isn’t very effective due to the layout of the fork.

Our solution is to turn the single function fork into a more traditional fork with compression and rebound damping in both fork legs. With this, we’ve found the forks to last much longer while resisting fade and improved control and plushness in everything from fire road chatter to bigger whoops. Finally, the compression and rebound “clickers” are much more effective allowing you to find your desired feel.

When installing the XPLOR Fork Kit, we also use a custom valving stack to match your weight, speed, terrain, etc. Click through below to learn more about this and our other services we offer.

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