About Us

Welcome to the future of off-road racing.

Off-Road racing as we currently know it has just turned 50 years old and it’s time to evolve.  The primary goal of the off-road racer is to unify global off-road racing culture by creating a professional media platform giving consistent coverage and creating dynamic content to unlock the value of off-road racing. The Secondary goal of  off-road racer is to give racers and fans a juncture to have meaningful curated discussion about topics relevant to off-road racing. We will cover everything off-road including the disciplines of desert, short course, mid-course, rock racing, rally raid, rally, motocross, supercross, etc.

The launch of Off-Road Racer will usher in a new era of off-road racing. One that allows off-road racing to unlock it’s true value exposing to the world in a professional and organized platform.