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Company Intro: Whip It Light Rods

Whip It Light Rods is a premium LED light rod supplier and offers a solid line up of high quality Quick Release Whips, Flags and Rock Lights. The owner, Don Sura, took the company out to Coos Bay, Oregon for the UTV Takeover in June and was overwhelmed with the amount of interest in their products. The whole crew at Whip It Light Rods are off-road enthusiasts and represent the best of our culture, so of course they fit right in at the Takeover. Check out the images and Whip It Light Rods gear below that UTVUnderground highlights.

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Whip It Light Rods

Quick Disconnect LED Whip Light – 360

Remote controlled ultra-durable LED Light Rods for your UTV, ATV and off-road vehicles. Light up the night sky for safety and shine bright with style. Whip it light rods

  • Eye Catching 360°Glowing Spiral Wrap LED’s
  • Chasing Function with 300 Colors and 200 Patterns for thousands of combinations
  • Easy removal, made of 606 aviation aluminum for long lasting durability
  • IP67 Waterproof for wherever the trail may take you
  • Waterproof Control Box
  • Easy to use RF Remote
  • Flexible Polycarbonate Tube that is durable
  • Quick Release Base w/ Whip It Logo: 6063 Aviation Aluminum and Black Longer Quick Disconnect
  • Accessories: Standard Whip It Light Rods Flag + Square American Flag + Flag Hook + Dustproof Cap
  • Tube is Polycarbonate. Very Flexible and Durable.
  • Operating Voltage: DC12V

Rock Lights

Smartphone-controlled LED lighting for your undercarriage, wheel wells, or anywhere around your vehicle enables you to see what you are up against. Shed a little light where you need it.

  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® for convenient control
  • RGB 16 million colors
  • 15 Scenes Mode
  • Timming Function
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Sync lighting to to your favorite song
  • Premium Cree® LED chip
  • 4 & 8-piece sets

Quick Release Flag

The only way to go. A must have for any whip set up. Swap out whips with ease and trust the tested durability of this quick release mount.

Whip It Product

  • Quick-release pin makes removing LED Whip a snap.
  • Manufactured from billet aluminum
  • Works with any Premium LED Whip It Light Rod.
  • Quick release cap with 3/8″ x 24mm stud
  • Bottom piece has a 1/2″ stud with nut and washer.

Whip it Light Rods

About Whip It Light Rods

Originally founded in Idaho, Whip It Light Rods supplies the world’s largest power sports distributors with LED light rods. Being a top-tier innovator in the industry, we are dedicated to the joy, safety, and experience of power motorsport vehicles and the customers that enjoy them. Whip It Light Rods is one of the first premium providers of LED light rods and because of this, our team prides itself on boundless innovation and quality products used on recreational vehicles.

Head on over to whipitlightrods.com to check out these products and everything else they offer. Check out their blog or give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

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