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Enel X Way brings the energy of Extreme E to Sardinia’s Island Prix

Driving on the road to electric mobility in every condition, even the most extreme.

After the breathtaking stages of the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia and Scotland’s Hydro X Prix, Enel X Way returned once again to provide an energy boost to the Island X Prix, Sardinia.

Enel X Way is the company of Enel Group dedicated to electric mobility, aiming to support individuals, businesses, and cities in their journey towards the electrification of transportation, energy transition, and a cleaner future. This process is powered by continuous investment in new technologies, a product ecosystem that fosters the accessibility, management, and charging of EVs, and last but not least, a constantly expanding infrastructure network boasting over 290,000 charging points throughout the world, available to our clients through the Enel X Way App.

For the Extreme E series, Enel X Way have specifically engineered a smart charger that’s able to power the SUVs in this fully electric championship. It’s a hydrogen fuel cell-powered and portable solution, built to travel through the various stages of the championship. This Waypump 50 Race Edition smart chargers guarantee a full charge in complete safety, with energy provided by purely renewable sources at every stage of the race. This means that there is no waste except for water, that is then used in the clean-up process of the vehicles.

Extreme E and Enel X Way are not only bonded by the same pillars of sustainability, but also on the grounds to use the fun and adrenaline of motorsports to portray development and innovation. Both Enel X Way and Extreme E are also committed to promoting gender equality and inclusion, as well as safeguarding local territories in the legacy projects.

To learn more about Extreme E’s partnership with Enel X Way, click here.

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