JS Racing Feature Vehicle

JS Racing Mason Trophy-Truck Spec

We recently completed a racer profile on the up and coming talent, Jorge Sampietro. During our sit down with Jorge, we were fortunate to capture some images of his 2018 Mason Spec Trophy-Truck. As we know Mason Motorsports has been one of the most successful builder in championship off-road vehicles, as well a long time fan-favorite for Unlimited trucks even more now with the newest 4-wheel-drive options.

JS Racing Feature Vehicle

After a successful run in Class 16, Jorge Sampietro decided to take the next step in his career jumping into the Spec Trophy-Truck class, so he went shopping for a vehicle. “I went to a couple of the most popular Spec Trophy Truck builder shops to check out their processes and quality. Mason Motorsports just blew my mind with their engineering and quality so I went for it” Sampietro said, “This truck is something very special, not just for me, it just has something that’s hard of describe” he added.

We can’t talk with Jorge’s love of his truck the same he can way of course, but we completely understand what he means. This truck is carefully crafted from every single angle. The engine meets the required specifications for the Spec class, the LS3 engine is sealed but that doesn’t mean it lacks punch, as we all know this category is fast. Rancho Drivetrains has put together a transmission and drivetrain combo that had allowed JS Racing to win the SCORE Baja 400 in this truck’s racing debut, quite a shakedown we would say.

JS Racing Feature Vehicle

To handle the 5,000 pounds and rough desert terrain, this machine features 29″ of travel in the rear and 24″ in the front with Fox shocks making sure all that travel dances in perfect harmony through the dancing-notes of the desert. The custom 105 gallon Harmon racing fuel cell keeps this machine going for a while, and Alcon brakes provides equal support when you want the dancing to stop. You can’t dance without proper dancing shoe, rights? 39″ Toyo Tires with Vision Wheels is the preferred combo of Mason Motorsports.

JS Racing Feature Vehicle

Inside the cockpit, Sparco seats and Mastercraft racing seat belts keep them as safe as possible, Lowrance along PCI Radios keeps them on track and communicated, no matter how deep into the desert they are. Below we have the complete specifications table along with our photo gallery that will make you understand why Mason is killin’ it with their trucks.

Vehicle Build Spec Sheet

Owner:  Jorge Sampietro, JS Racing                     
Builder: Mason Motorsports INC             
Chassis:  TT Spec           
Weight :   5000  –  5400 full of fuel ready to race depending on options.                    
Wheel Base: 126″             
Track Width: 92″              


Engine : Turnkey Engines LS3 6.2L                     
Cooling: CBR Performance
Exhaust: Burns Stainless
Plumbing: BMRS and XRP
Transmission: Rancho Drivetrain
Driveline: Drivelines Inc.
Hubs:  Rear = Pro Am  Front = Pro Am
Brakes : Alcon 6 piston with 14″ floating rotors
Fuel Cell: Harmon racing cells bladder 105 gallons


Tires: Toyo tires 39″
Wheels: Vision Wheels
Paint/ Graphics:  Esos Designs
Body: Mason Motorsports TT Body
Front Suspension: Fox Shocks 24” Wheel travel,  2.5” coil over,  3.5” bypass,  bump stop optional.
Rear Suspension: Fox Shocks 29” Wheel travel,  4 link,  2.5” coil over,  4.0” bypass, and 2.5” bump stop.
Steering: Power Steering Solutions Box and pump,  ProAm ram and Mason Motorsports Swing Set
Wiring: James Lin Motorsports
Lights: Baja Designs


Navigation:  Lowrance HDS9 Cabron
Communication: PCI Radios M-Sat
Seats: Sparco EVO III