KOH Desert Invitational: Morgan Wins Grudge Match, Menzies Tops T1 Qualifying

Saturday’s B2 vs. B3 Grudge Match as part of the King of the Hammers Desert Invitational attempted to answer one question: which is faster, a Class 10 car or a UTV? At least for now, we’ve got a definitive answer to that question.

2021 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational

Wheeler Morgan topped Saturday’s showdown between the two classes, the first time any divisions other than T1 unlimited trucks ran as part of the Desert Invitational, by completing five laps of the course in 6:16:09.627. Of the seven entries that finished every lap, Class 10 entries made for five, and locked out the entire top five with drivers Jeremy Davis, Brent Fox, Blaine Conrad, and Chase Warren.

2021 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational

Kyle Chaney and Phil Blurton were the only two UTV racers to finish all five laps, coming home sixth and seventh overall. Kaden Wells, Travis Zollinger, and Dean Wheeler completed the overall top 10 at four laps apiece. Morgan and Chaney would take home $10,000 apiece for their class wins, but Morgan would claim the $50,000 bonus for winning overall.

Qualifying Ryan Del Ponte of

The B2 vs. B3 Grudge Match was joined on Saturday by qualifying for all three classes racing Sunday: the T1 unlimited trucks, T2 spec trucks, and B1 division for Class 1 and Ultra4 entries. Defending Desert Invitational winner Bryce Menzies was best of the group at 6:26.949, more than 10 seconds faster than any other driver and almost 23 seconds faster than Kyle Jergensen in the nearest T1 entry. Cody Parkhouse was second fastest overall and topped the B1 division, while Pierce Herbst’s T2 entry ensured that at least one team from every division would crack the top six.

Class Bink Designs

Finally, Blake Wilkey topped Saturday night’s Class 11 Showdown, taking home a $20,000 bonus of his own after holding off a hard-charging Bryan Croft. 16 Class 11 entries did battle over 25 grueling laps on the short course.

Full combined B2 vs. B3 Grudge Match results were as follows:

11024Wheeler MorganB2 (Class 10)5/6:16:09.627
21085Jeremy DavisB2 (Class 10)5/6:20:25.522
31075Brent FoxB2 (Class 10)5/6:23:51.170
41012Blaine ConradB2 (Class 10)5/6:24:42.085
51088Chase WarrenB2 (Class 10)5/6:45:21.664
6191Kyle ChaneyB3 (UTV)5/6:58:25.646
7944Phil BlurtonB3 (UTV)5/7:15:50.176
81995Kaden WellsB3 (UTV)4/5:29:25.028
92975Travis ZollingerB3 (UTV)4/5:42:51.402
10849Dean WheelerB3 (UTV)4/5:51:17.692
111914Garison CallawayB3 (UTV)4/6:03:20.212
122948Matt BurroughsB3 (UTV)4/5:05:27.957
131046Ethan NagleB2 (Class 10)3/4:05:50.724
141082Trevor RasmussenB2 (Class 10)3/4:17:28.653
151935Jimmy RodriquezB3 (UTV)3/4:48:46.443
1610Brad BauderB3 (UTV)3/5:17:57.131
172905Jason WillettB3 (UTV)3/5:21:46.078
18U940Mike ZellerB3 (UTV)3/5:42:55.945
19411Jim HenleB3 (UTV)3/7:00:11.174
201079Dan RegerB3 (UTV)2/2:19:15.009
21913Branden SimsB3 (UTV)2/2:34:06.895
221081Matt WinslowB2 (Class 10)2/2:37:12.724
231099Dale EbbertsB2 (Class 10)2/3:01:11.240
242904Cody SappingtonB3 (UTV)2/3:49:25.572
251010Robert McBeathB2 (Class 10)2/4:52:18.819
261047Jared TeagueB2 (Class 10)1/1:36:31.797
272914Dan HurnB3 (UTV)1/2:05:24.719
281409Jim BordenB3 (UTV)1/2:14:11.964
291950Logan GoodalB3 (UTV)1/4:52:29.342
30954Austin WeilandB3 (UTV)0/0.000
30907Billy LongB3 (UTV)0/0.000
3041Troy ShipmanB3 (UTV)0/0.000
30N/AMike LuceyB3 (UTV)0/0.000
30976Pat O’KeefeB3 (UTV)0/0.000
301065Dave Mason Jr.B2 (Class 10)0/0.000
301036Corey GoinB2 (Class 10)0/0.000
301079Logan BennettB2 (Class 10)0/0.000
301021Chris BoyerB2 (Class 10)0/0.000
30N/ATravis WalshB2 (Class 10)0/0.000
Qualifying Ryan Del Ponte of

Sunday’s Desert Invitational qualifying results and starting order are as follows:

Pos.No.DriverClassTime (Laps)
17Bryce MenziesT1 (Unlimited Truck)6:26.949 (1)
2127Cody ParkhouseB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)6:37.383 (1)
3153Ray GriffithB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)6:47.512 (1)
427Kyle JergensenT1 (Unlimited Truck)6:49.503 (1)
514Bobby PecoyT1 (Unlimited Truck)6:53.973 (1)
66164Pierce HerbstT2 (Spec Truck)6:56.274 (1)
716Cameron SteeleT1 (Unlimited Truck)6:57.858 (1)
822Jax RedlineT1 (Unlimited Truck)6:58.432 (1)
96195Paul BroughtonT2 (Spec Truck)7:02.099 (1)
106195Travis ChaseT2 (Spec Truck)7:02.416 (1)
112Casey CurrieB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)7:03.422 (1)
126138Brad LovellT2 (Spec Truck)7:03.640 (1)
1379Eric HardinT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:05.273 (1)
146196Andrew MyersT2 (Spec Truck)7:11.180 (1)
15209Jeff ProctorT2 (Spec Truck)7:12.605 (1)
166172Dustin GrabowskiT2 (Spec Truck)7:12.796 (1)
1719Paul HorschelB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)7:13.439 (1)
1829Madix BaileyT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:15.610 (1)
19261Jeff BaderT2 (Spec Truck)7:16.159 (1)
20103Adam LunnB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)7:16.433 (1)
2119Tim HerbstT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:16.955 (1)
2290Raul GomezT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:18.461 (1)
236177Travis WilliamsT2 (Spec Truck)7:20.287 (1)
2424Adam HouseholderT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:24.356 (1)
256192Jason ColemanT2 (Spec Truck)7:25.299 (1)
266120John WaltonT2 (Spec Truck)7:26.204 (1)
273Todd WyllieT1 (Unlimited Truck)7:31.830 (1)
286131Mike OsbornT2 (Spec Truck)7:33.140 (1)
296157Trevor HarveyT2 (Spec Truck)7:34.161 (1)
301562Ladd GilbertB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)7:34.812 (1)
311526Joseph DavidB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)7:35.414 (1)
32296Alex GonzalesT2 (Spec Truck)7:37.279 (1)
336147Scott ShieldsT2 (Spec Truck)7:40.624 (1)
346175Will HeatonT2 (Spec Truck)7:42.893 (1)
35232Heath ShoupT2 (Spec Truck)7:52.301 (1)
366126Nathan MartinoT2 (Spec Truck)7:52.963 (1)
376105Nick lsenhouerT2 (Spec Truck)7:55.522 (1)
386139Terry HouseholderT2 (Spec Truck)7:58.710 (1)
396122Michael PyleT2 (Spec Truck)8:00.077 (1)
401560Brad EtterB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)8:09.731 (1)
414480Kris HicksB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)8:14.533 (1)
42251Shane DahlquistT2 (Spec Truck)8:17.849 (1)
436148Casey ChrismanT2 (Spec Truck)8:26.009 (1)
444Brent VeenstraT1 (Unlimited Truck)8:30.890(1)
457779Kenneth GoodallB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)8:31.818 (1)
466194Vincent MunozT2 (Spec Truck)8:32.480 (1)
47214Valerie ClarkT2 (Spec Truck)8:53.064 (1)
48N/AJoe DavisB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)No time
49185Justin DavisB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)No time
50123Broc DickersonB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)No time
516Ray AycoxB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)No time
521584Boe BlandB1 (Class 1/Ultra4)No time
53299Charles DorranceT2 (Spec Truck)No time
546133Chuck DempseyT2 (Spec Truck)No time
55255Garrett GentryT2 (Spec Truck)No time
56N/APatrick ReardonT2 (Spec Truck)No time

Sunday’s T1 Desert Invitational and B1 vs. T2 Battle on the Lakebed will begin at 10AM. All classes will be scored independently, but an overall winner between the B1 and T2 classes will also be declared.

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