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Off-Road Racer Podcast Episode 47: Dan Myers

In this episode of the Off-Road Racer Podcast, I sit down with off-road racer Dan Myers. The Myers family has been in off-road racing for decades, now spanning three generations. Dan talks about the significance of off-road racing for his family, and how they have stayed in it for so long. Dan also gives a unique perspective on the evolution of off-road from the perspective of being a second-generation off-road racer. We also discuss The Myer’s family business, Toyota of Escondido. Dan and I talk about the dealership’s involvement in action sports, being an avid sponsor of athletes in many disciplines, from surfing to motocross to MMA, and how these sponsorships have brought a lot of business for the dealership. We also discuss Dan’s conception of TE Motorsports, an aftermarket shop for Toyotas. Dan has been able to create a unique business model between TE Motorsports and Toyota of Escondido, pre-building trucks for the dealership, and providing a streamlined service for the customer. I’m your host Matt Martelli, and this IS the Off-Road Racer Podcast.

Chris Leone

A veteran of the motorsports industry (both physical and digital), Chris Leone contributes coverage of race events of all types to Off-Road Racer. Elsewhere, he is the marketing/communications manager at iRacing, media director of Jim Beaver's Down & Dirty Show, and a frequent contributor to UTV Underground.