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Racer Profiles: Preston Campbell Is “California Dreamin” of Desert Glory

At 24 years old, Preston Campbell isn’t your average racer. While some competitors can trace their passion for off-roading back to childhood afternoons spent mimicking their idols on backyard tracks, Campbell’s story begins with a simpler memory: cruising the desert on a bright red Honda QR50. It was the spark that ignited a fire, a burning desire for speed and competition that would propel him to the overall victory at the prestigious Mint 400.

The influence of family is undeniable in Campbell‘s journey. It was his father, the famed desert racer and 11-times Baja 1000 champion, Johnny Campbell, who introduced him to the off-road community, fostering a love for the sport that would blossom into a full-fledged career. While his racing efforts have been primarily focused on dirt bikes, the thrill of speed extends beyond two wheels. Campbell has vivid memories of riding shotgun with his Uncle Jaime, a seasoned racer himself, in a race-prepped Honda Talon.

The turning point came at age 15. The casual weekend rides morphed into a laser focus on competition. With his father by his side as both mentor and cheerleader, Preston dedicated himself to honing his skills and endurance. His admiration for the sport’s past heroes fuels his determination – his dream ‘high five’ goes to the legendary Dale Earnhardt, a testament to the grit and strength of character Campbell brings to every race.

Pre-race rituals are refreshingly practical for Campbell. Forget elaborate playlists or motivational speeches. He believes in the power of quiet focus, ensuring his body and mind are in peak condition through a rigorous training regimen that blends on-bike drills with strength and conditioning exercises. The importance of proper hydration and nutrition isn’t lost on him, either – chicken and rice forming the foundation of his pre-race fuel strategy.

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Campbell’s list of achievements speaks volumes about his dedication. Two gold medals at the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), a grueling multi-day off-road motorcycle competition, stand as testament to his prowess. But 2024 has been a banner year so far. His dominant win at the Mint 400 cemented his place among off-road legends, while podium finishes at the National Hare and Hound Association (NHHA) series showcase his well-rounded talent.

Behind every champion is a strong team. Campbell credits JCR Honda, his racing family, for their unwavering support in getting him to the starting line and across the finish line. Their combined efforts are focused on a singular goal this season: dominating the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series.

The path to victory is clear for Campbell. Meticulous preparation – of the bike, the body, and the team – is paramount. But what keeps him pushing through the inevitable challenges of a grueling race? A simple philosophy – that rest awaits at the finish line.

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The excitement was palpable as Campbell lined up at the start of the Mint 400. And while the California sun beat down on all the competitors, his focus was razor-sharp, and when the dust settled it was Preston who collected the checkered flag first. Winning the Mint 400 wasn’t just a victory; it was a validation. As Campbell himself says, “It was awesome to win the Mint 400, to have my name up there with some of the legends of off-road.”

Now, he sets his sights on the California 300, another opportunity to etch his name in the annals of off-road racing history. Campbell’s journey is far from over. With a trophy case overflowing with accolades – including six District 37 Championships, a 24-hour race win, and multiple ISDE and NHHA podium finishes – his efforts are firmly placed on the championship title in the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series.

This young champion, fueled by a passion ignited in the Southwestern desert, is a rising star to watch. With his unwavering determination and the support of his team, Preston Campbell is poised to leave his mark on the world of off-road racing…and quickly fulfill his California dream.

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Want to follow along Preston’s race efforts? Check him out on Instagram @prestoncampbell300.