Red Bull Solstice Scramble Delivers Action-Packed SXS Racing in Alaska

Seth Quintero secured the Pro Class win, while Cora Nail claimed first in the SXS Sportsman Class.

WASILLA, ALASKA (JUNE 26, 2023) – Red Bull Solstice Scramble debuted in Alaska, as professional and amateur racers alike lined up for thrilling, all-out racing under Alaska’s evening sun. With an epic, big mountain backdrop, this unique side-by-side (SXS) race was tucked against the base of the Denali National Park and featured a variety of terrain across the 2.2-mile off-road course. Dry turns, large jumps and a combination of mud and dust challenged the technical skills of the drivers and delivered a fast, exhilarating event.

Twenty registered drivers competed for the top prize across two classes: the SXS Pro for experienced drivers and the SXS Sportsman for amateur off-road enthusiasts. After seeding each final during the evening qualifying laps, the drivers from each class competed in a combined six-lap final. With a race time of 16:56.158, Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team driver Seth Quintero won the SXS Pro class, edging out Mia Chapman and Austin ‘AJ’ Jones after a technical corner in the latter part of the race. A longtime racer but first time competitor in the Red Bull Scramble Series, Cora Nail won the Sportsman class with a total time of 17:11.261.


Red Bull driver Mia Chapman came into the Red Bull Solstice Scramble holding firm in the Pro Class National Scramble Series Championship Pro Class standings. Chapman finished second, with a total time of 17:21.135, which catapulted her into first overall in the Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship rankings. Chapman will head to the Red Bull Sand Scramble race in Glamis, CA, in first place.

“That was one of the most fun races I’ve ever driven, and the least expected win, to be honest,” Quintero said. “Racing at 10pm in the broad daylight is the craziest experience ever.”


With its muddy berms and fast, flat straightaways, the course provided high-octane thrills and unpredictable results until the last moments of the race. Chapman led more than half the race, but as wind picked up, enveloping the banked turns in dust, the frontrunners took a tumble down the track on the fourth lap, opening pockets for others to jostle for the first position. Quintero made his move and jumped into the lead.

“The track was an absolute blast to race,” Chapman said. “I ended up breaking the front axle on lap four, so that put us out a little bit. But still super pumped to be on the podium. I couldn’t ask to have a better event.”

As the drivers came through the final turn, spectators watching from the viewing deck cheered as vehicles tumbled through the mud, with everyone on their toes to see the result of this unpredictable race. The sun was still high in the sky above the scenic Chugach Mountains as racing came to an end around 10pm, a stunning setting for an action-packed day of racing.

“I’ve been racing in Alaska for 25 years, but I’ve never raced side-by-sides,” Sportsman winner Nail said, who borrowed equipment from friends and colleagues to join the event. “But this venue and this track is amazing. I didn’t even realize I had won.”




1. SETH QUINERO – 6/16:56.158
2. MIA CHAPMAN [TQ] – 6/17:21.135
3. AJ JONES – 6/17:37.560


1. CORA NAIL – 5/17:11.261
2. PEYTON WADE – 5/17:14.089
3. GARY JAMES – 3/10:40.607 (DNF)


Red Bull Solstice Scramble is the sixth stop in the inaugural Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship. As a result, Red Bull driver Mia Chapman now leads the championship in the Pro Class with 285 points. Corbin Leaverton and Cody Bradbury are still tied for P2, each with 275 points, while Austin “AJ” Jones has climbed to P4 with

227 points. Grayden Bloxham still holds the lead in the Sportsman Class with 285 points. You can find the full Red Bull Scramble Series Leaderboard by visiting

The remaining race in the 2023 schedule is Red Bull Sand Scramble in Glamis, CA. The series is proudly supported by BFGoodrich Tires, Can-Am, KMC Wheels, Mobil 1 and Wolverine Boots.

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