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Yokohama Tire Is Back In Baja At The 2023 Yokohama Mexican 1000 Presented by Meyers Manx

NORRA Celebrates Yokohama Tire As Title Sponsor Of Mexican 1000

AGUA DULCE, CALIF. – The NORRA Mexican 1000 “Celebrates the Past While Forging the Future.” The unique rally allows vintage race cars to build upon their legacies and modern vehicles to create new ones. Anyone who makes the incredible journey down the Baja Peninsula has realized a personal milestone. They have proven themselves capable of overcoming big challenges.

Yokohama Tire is also creating milestones. Their title sponsorship of NORRA is entering its sixth year; enabling countless racers to experience the adventure of a lifetime. They have also produced their 100 millionth Yokohama tire at the Salem, Virginia plant. The 100 millionth tire produced was a GEOLANDAR® A/T G015. The GEOLANDAR® A/T G015 is the ideal all-terrain tire for all weather conditions, delivering a perfect blend of on- and off-road performance, capability and comfort for drivers of today’s light trucks and SUVs.

“I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and congratulations to the entire company for this amazing achievement,” said Jeff Barna, president of Yokohama Corporation of North America. “The first Yokohama-branded tire was produced at YTMV in 1990 and since that time, Yokohama has grown dramatically here in the U.S. Such a feat would not have been possible without the local production from Salem, Virginia.”

Yokohama Tire has played a vital role in the evolution of off road racing since they debuted the Super Digger tire back in the 1980’s. The Super Digger design has stood the test of time since the sport was dominated by open wheeled, and VW based race cars. An updated version of the Super Digger is still manufactured today along with the entire line of Geolander tires for everything from UTV’s to Trophy Trucks, and Ultra4 rock racers.

Yokohama’s current version of the Super Digger is the GEOLANDAR SD. It shares features of the original design like large center blocks with wide grooves that offer optimal off road performance. The rounded profile creates a long and narrow contact patch for responsive handling and superior flotation in sand and silt. It’s no wonder the tire is very popular with UTV racers. Modern enhancements include optimized sidewall construction that increases durability and stability at high speeds, and shoulder blocks that wrap over the sidewall offering additional side-bite, enhancing off road traction.

Yokohama tires provide the durability, and control you need while traversing the Baja Peninsula during the Mexican 1000, or out having fun on your favorite trail. Whether you are racing, recreating, or commuting to work, Yokohama has a tire for your vehicle, and intended use. That’s why Mexican 1000 veterans like Boyd Jaynes, Kristen and Wayne Matlock, Tanner Foust and Justin Lofton run Yokohama tires.

The Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 is entirely about having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Competitors experience challenging terrain, and the most stunningly beautiful Baja scenery. Each location has its own unique charm and character. There is no better way to experience Baja than at the Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000. To learn how you too can join in on the fun go to There you will find information about the race, its history, and what it takes to compete. If you have a race car, motorcycle, utv, or even a well-equipped daily driver, NORRA has a class for everyone. Check it out today!

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