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Chayse Caprara Wins 2021 4WP Every Man Challenge at King of the Hammers

The beauty of the 4WP Every Man Challenge at King of the Hammers is that, each year, there’s potential for someone to come out of nowhere and surprise the field. In the 2021 edition of the race, Chayse Caprara did exactly that.

After moving up from the UTV class and qualifying fourth in a new Bomber 4800 car, Caprara beat a field of previous race winners and off-road racing’s biggest stars, completing two laps of the course in 4:27:18.095. That was good enough to beat defending race winner Brad Lovell by more than 11 minutes, denying Lovell his fifth 4800 division victory since the class was added to the race in 2014.

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2018 and 2019 winner Casey Gilbert was third, returning to the podium after a disappointing DNF last year, while Cameron Steele’s annual attempt at finishing every King of the Hammers race continued with a fourth place overall finish. Dan Fresh successfully defended his 4500 class title at fifth overall, giving him three 4500 wins in this race in the past four years.

This year’s Every Man Challenge also added the innovation of an electric vehicle division, as Kyle Seggelin repurposed Bailey Cole’s old Toyota 4Runner with the motor from a Nissan Leaf. Seggelin’s time of 7:42:09.021 was good enough for 18th overall. Justin Reece completed the list of class winners, taking his second division victory in three years as the only 4600 finisher in the allotted 10-hour time limit.

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134 entries were on the start list, but only 41 made it to the finish, and six of that group failed to reach the checkered flag within the time limit. The full list of finishers in the 2021 4WP Every Man Challenge was as follows:

Pos.Class Pos.No.DriverClassLaps/Time
111481 CHAYSE CAPRARA48002/4:27:18.095
22232 BRAD LOVELL48002/4:38:57.824
33618 CASEY GILBERT48002/4:46:54.765
4416 CAMERON STEELE48002/4:48:55.453
5188 DAN FRESH45002/5:19:10.373
6581 LEVI SHIRLEY48002/5:49:44.216
764874 DAVID HARTMAN48002/6:05:43.895
87866 SHAUN RAJSKI48002/6:21:08.253
9843 MIKE JOHNSON48002/6:30:22.270
1094862 CODY YOUNG48002/6:33:30.034
11226 DUANE GARRETSON45002/6:52:04.273
12363 JUSTIN FOXWORTHY45002/6:55:19.453
13104825 MICHAEL LONDON48002/7:06:01.509
1411518 KEVIN JONES48002/7:15:42.251
151256 BRENT HARRELL48002/7:16:11.661
161331 MATT TREBINO48002/7:22:31.284
1714212 JACK PETERSON48002/7:26:38.192
1812277 KYLE SEGGELIN22002/7:42:09.021
191575 SCOTT FOLEY48002/7:53:10.493
20164806 STEVE GRAFF48002/7:53:36.263
21174803 KRISTIAN THORDARSON48002/8:19:54.716
22413 JUSTIN HALL45002/8:21:04.828
2318114 EVAN JESSEE48002/8:26:56.206
2454595 DAWSON ALLINGTON45002/8:27:25.777
2564531 SHAWN RANTS SR45002/8:29:55.710
26194863 JOHN HULTSMAN48002/8:30:13.802
2774538 MICHAEL AMARAL45002/8:30:41.810
2884535 JOHN WILLIAMS45002/9:01:20.776
29204887 PAUL TYLER48002/9:03:27.936
3021406 ERIC WIKLE48002/9:17:39.645
3122896 BRIAN TREMPE48002/9:23:00.028
3214619 JUSTIN REECE46002/9:37:38.296
3323590 MICHAEL JUSTO48002/9:42:28.785
3494507 MIKE MILLER45002/9:52:25.260
35104549 RICK LAVEZZO45002/9:56:48.656
DNF241941 JACOB REEVES48002/10:02:57.439
DNF25872 KIMBERLY SPARROW48002/10:09:57.984
DNF264846 JAMES HUBBARD48002/10:20:10.090
DNF274819 JESSE LEE48002/10:31:55.877
DNF1125 MICHAEL HEN45002/10:32:31.151
DNF24688 JON SCHAEFER46002/10:35:41.499

King of the Hammers concludes today with the premier event for 4400 class vehicles, featuring three laps of the challenging Johnson Valley course. JP Gomez was the top qualifier and starts first, ahead of former event winner Jason Scherer, Bryan Crofts, Steele, and Brian Caprara, Chayse’s father.

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A veteran of the motorsports industry (both physical and digital), Chris Leone contributes coverage of race events of all types to Off-Road Racer. Elsewhere, he is the marketing/communications manager at iRacing, media director of Jim Beaver's Down & Dirty Show, and a frequent contributor to UTV Underground.

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