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Chris & Nick Blais take 1st Overall UTV Rally at BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge!

BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge
Parker, AZ

By:  Chris Blais & Nick Blais, UTV Rally – 1st Overall! 

The BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge was held in Parker, AZ.  We had just come off the Pro Turbo Win at DP4 Racing the previous weekend in Johnson Valley, CA and we were pumped!  This past win also secured our DP4 Racing Pro Turbo Championship one round early!  This was our second back-to-back weekend win and we were excited to make it 3 in a row.  This race was moto style where we would race once each day and the results would be combined for the overall finish position.  We came home late Saturday from that event and literally started working on the car early Sunday morning to get her ready for this BITD race.  My team worked really hard to get us to this race once again, and be completely prepared in all aspects.  It’s crazy how much you can get done when you put your mind, and body, to it.  I’m thankful for my crew and my family for all the help.  

We had a lot of pressure going into this event.  The entire team wanted another win for all the hard work they put in and I wanted to give it to them and our awesome sponsors that support us.  My brother and I have been having a lot of fun this past month racing and I wanted to prove we could do it.  I haven’t been on the Parker race course since my dirt bike days so this would be a little new for me and our suspension setup. 

When we took off in the 17th starting position, I knew I had to keep up the pace and make my moves towards the front.  My car was working great down Shea Road and we were passing groups of cars at a time.  There were cars all over the place crashed, on their sides, broken.  It was mayhem out there!  After Lap 1, we were physically 8th in class.  We kept up our pace and gradually moved up through the group.  On the last lap we were physically 1st in class.  We had an awesome battle with James Hill on the last lap.  He was able to make the pass on us in the big whoops but we stayed close to him and won on adjusted time.

We were stoked on the Day 1 win!  We made our way back to the trailer and got the car prepped for Day 2.  For Day 2, we would be able to start in the front of our class.  Off the start, James Hill was on a mission and we let him lead the way.  We were passing tons of N/A cars out there and got all bunched up.  Out of nowhere Cameron Meister pulled up beside us and made his move.  He passed us and James Hill to take the physical lead.  We just hung back in 3rd just out of the others thick dust.  On Lap 3, James would have to pit for fuel and we made our way by.  We put in the charge on the last lap to close the gap on Cameron Meister and finished about :10 seconds behind him.  This was good enough to get us the weekend Overall Win by about 1:40 a minute and forty seconds!  We had a blast out there battling and were so happy to pull off another win.  We have the most professional and dedicated team to make it happen!  

Now it’s time to sort out sponsors for the 2021 Season so we can keep our program moving forward.  If you are interested in being part of our race program and winning Championships, please contact me and I would love to work with you.  The products we use are some of the best out there! 

I cannot thank my family, friends, employees and sponsors enough for everything they do, here in the shop and out at the races.  We were so happy to bring home another Overall win!  We were able to race 5 weekends in a row and win 4 of them.  None of this would be possible without all of the hard work of my guys in the shop, Kyle & Clayton.  I might need to do more taco days in the shop to keep them motivated! 

Next race: 
Dec 12th, DP4 Racing Round 5

Race Results

Thank you to all our awesome sponsors for their continued support and our new sponsors for 2020, our families, my parents and all our friends who support us.  We can’t go racing without you!

Can-Am Offroad (Best SXS Around)
Kenda Powersports (Best tires out there)
SF Raceworks (For all your cage/ wiring/ race car needs)
Tom Morris/ UTV Shocks (Best shock tuner I have ever had a chance to work with)
KWI Clutching (Kris Werth is the man!  My car rips and not a single belt issue)
Gboost Belts (Worlds Best Belt says it all)
Baja Designs (Best lighting around, my sponsor for almost 20 years)
Eibach (Best springs around that don’t sag!)
Alsup Racing Development (Amazing suspension components)
Blud Racing (Best oil and customer service you could ask for)
Double E Racing (The only rear sway bar I use)
Alpinestars   (Nothing bust the best race suits and fire protection available)  
Dirt Specialties (Awesome looking doors)
KMC Wheels (Sweet looking and strong wheels)
Mickster Race Jack (Superlight and most functional jack available)
Triton Racing Coolers (Super strong plate style front Radiator)
Zollinger Racing Products (Strongest Knuckles I could ask for)
PCI Race Radios (Clear and precise radio communications)
Impact (Most comfortable helmets and racing harnesses I could ever want)
Mastercraft Safety (Suspension Seats)
Necksgen (Most comfortable neck restraint out there)
Sector Seven (Cool mirrors with some bright lights)
Megla Designs (Best graphics designs around)
Whalen Speed (Amazing tune and customer support)
Tire Balls (Best tire protection there is)
Turn2TV (Awesome chopper & drone footage)