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Christian Sourapas to team with Cantina Racing for the 2020 Baja 500 & 1000

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This year’s Baja 500 will welcome an awesome collaboration between two long time racing outfits.  Christian Sourapas of Sourapas Brothers Racing has joined forces with Chris Miller of Cantina Racing the iconic SCORE Baja 500 Race. Christian explains how excited he is to team up, “I couldn’t be more humbled to be teaming up with Chris Miller and the Cantina Racing team. Chris has the personel, the equipment, and the mindset to be successful in the extremely competitive Trophy Truck class. I can’t wait to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

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christian sourapas off road racer

Chris has been a long time mentor for Christian in life, business, and racing.  Not realizing they actually lived within a few miles of each other, their friendship has grown more over the years, and when the idea to team for the SCORE series came about, it only seemed natural. “Sourapas Motorsports has a long and successful history in Baja, and we look forward to attacking this race with Christian – we are putting in the work on all sides and collective knowledge of both teams for a real result here – I’m excited to see what happens” Chris mentioned.   The team will be battling the 500 in #40TT built by Mason Motorsports.  The truck will be outfitted with a brand new Mason transmission with a 10.5” ring gear.  The Baja desert is incredibly unforgiving, and can humble even the largest teams and the best racers, but the crew is ready.

christian sourapas off road racer

Sourapas and Miller plan on taking on the 1000 soon after the 500 is completed.  It’s been a very wild year for everyone, including off-road racing.  The SCORE races continue to be pushed back, and some even canceled due to the continuous Covid-19 crisis, but it looks as though the 500 and the 1000 are set to drop the green flag.  Of course like all industries, the off-road racing community is no different, countless measures will be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the event.