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Greaves Duo Performs for the Massive Crowd at the Annual Crandon Labor Day Races

Crandon, WI (Sept 2-3, 2023) — Another epic Labor Day weekend of racing at the historical Crandon International Raceway is in the books. A massive crowd was on hand to experience the roar and thunder of off-road racing at its best. Saturday’s racing was for round 11 of Champ Off Road series while Sunday was the famous Polaris World Championship Off Road Races and the Red Bull Crandon Cup race. The Greaves Duo dominated in many ways and CJ Greaves continues to lead in the Pro-4 and Pro Stock SXS classes as well as a close 2nd in Pro Turbo SXS. The racing began with CJ leading the Pro Stock SXS race on Saturday only to experience mechanical problems with only 1 lap to go in the race. He rolled to the victory checkered flag in both the Pro Turbo SXS and Pro-4 class races. The Duo was plagued with issues on Sunday but managed some success. A racing incident took CJ out of the Turbo SXS race on Sunday and finish 2nd in Pro-4 after leading most of the race. He gave up the lead due to losing 5th gear. Johnny Greaves also had some bad luck on Sunday with mechanical problems on the last lap. He was in 3rd place at the time. Johnny did not run in the Crandon Cup race. CJ was leading the Pro-4’s in the Crandon Cup race when a flat right front tire sidelined him.

Pro Stock SXS

Saturday: The weather was beautiful but hot for the 10’s of thousand off road race fans for Saturday’s Pro Stock Side-by-Side racing. CJ Greaves was sporting a nice lead in the points standings for Monster Energy Toyo Tire clad Polaris and he was ready to continue his quest for another championship. He won the holeshot following the landrush start for FCP turn one. Jeb Bootle, while running in 3rd on the track and 3rd in the points standings, rolled his machine in “calamity corner” to take him out of contention. CJ proceeded to checkout to nearly a 5 second lead at the halfway point of the race.

On the restart, Greaves continued his massive lead. With victory in sight, CJ’s machine had a mechanical problem with only 1 lap to go. He did not finish but he still holds on to a hefty 57 point lead in the standings.

Sunday: CJ did not run in the Sunday race in order to prep his Pro-4 for the afternoon cup race. No points were lost since it was not a series race.

Pro Turbo SXS

Saturday: The 3 Polaris RZR’s of Loire, Carlson, and CJ Greaves took the holeshot for Saturday’s Pro Turbo SXS at the famed Crandon International Raceway. They stayed together throughout the first half of the race with Loire taking the flag first for the competition caution.

On the 2-by-2 restart, CJ timed the green flag and quickly took second. A few laps later, he was able to pass Loire for the lead. CJ took the win to pull within 7 points of the points leader Kyle Chaney who did not podium. The race was a Polaris sweep with Andrew Carlson coming in 2nd and Robert Loire taking the 3rd spot on the podium.

Sunday: CJ emerged from the wild turn one fury in 4th with fellow Polaris drivers Robert Loire and Andrew Carlson running 1 and 2. CJ began to battle hard to get around veteran driver Rodney VanEperen. Kyle Chaney was also in the mix as the field had to come to a halt due to a rollover bringing out the red flag momentarily. On the restart, VanEperen passed Carlson and the top 5 went nose to tail before cars began to bang on each other. Carlson made contact with VanEperen and went around. At the same time he go into Ronnie Anderson. This ended Carlson’s day. CJ, now in 3rd, began to pressure Rodney VanEperen. Rodney unexpectedly checked up in the “argon turn” causing CJ’s right front tire made contact. VanEperen aggressively pushed CJ in to the berm but CJ came out with a slight advantage through the jump. VanEperen also took the jump and landed on CJ’s rear axle, breaking his suspension. CJ kept pushing but the damage was too great and he pulled out of the race. Fortunately, no points were lost in the race and he was able to hold on to his narrow runner-up position in the standings.


Saturday: The Greaves Duo of Johnny and CJ Greaves were on the line with the 10 truck field. CJ grabbed the holeshot in front of the capacity crowd with Johnny making it through in 3rd place. CJ took a commanding lead all the way to the competition caution. Henderson was able to get around the elder Greaves. CJ held off the field on the restart to again pull away to a 2.5 second lead. Johnny was in 4th when he had to pull out of the race with mechanical problems.

CJ’s Monster Energy/Toyota/Vision Wheel/Toyo Tire machine was in pristine condition at the end of the race with his dominating performance to take win number 6 and extend his points lead.

Sunday: CJ Greaves powered through FCP Turn One to claim the lead in Sunday’s World Championship race and just like Saturday’s race, he pulled away to a 5 car length lead. Johnny was not far behind but was banging doors with Adrian Cenni for the 4th place position.

CJ continued to lead the second half of the race but with only a few laps remaining, he lost 5th gear which hampered his speed on the Crandon straightaways. RJ Anderson was able to pass Greaves after the two went door-to-door several times. CJ held on to take the runner up spot on the podium. Johnny was also on the move in the final laps and had made it up to 3rd when bad luck struck again. He pulled off the track with only 1 lap to go with apparent mechanical issues.

Pro-2 vs Pro-4 Crandon World Cup Race

Probably the most anticipated race of the weekend is the annual World Cup Race which features a challenge race between the Pro-2’s and the Pro-4 trucks. 16 Pro-2’s lined up to take their chances against a field of 7 Pro-4’s for the coveted Cup Trophy not to mention the $30K check. The Pro-2’s were lined up about 50 yards in front of the Pro-4’s. When the green flag flew, the roaring two wheel drive trucks took their 36 second head start towards turn one. Johnny Greaves sat out this year’s race in order to have CJ’s truck ready and on the line to represent Monster Energy, Toyota, Toyo Tires, Vision Wheels, and a host of other partners. The Pro-2’s did not make it through the landrush start unscathed with a crash that blocked the raceway. This brought out a complete restart of the race before the Pro-4’s got started.

Finally the Pro-2’s were off and running. RJ Anderson won the holeshot of the Pro-4’s but CJ passed him in “Cowboy Corner”. He began to chase down the two wheelers and began to catch the back of the field in only 2 laps. Greaves was pouring it on, picking off one after another when disaster struck in the form of a right front flat, ending his quest for back-to-back wins.

The final race of the season will also be the first at the MidAmerica Off-Road National in Jay, Oklahoma on September 23 and 24th. CJ will be able to hopefully wrap-up another Pro-4 championship, Pro Stock SXS, and, with the narrow points difference, possibly take the Pro Turbo SXS.

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