Lamborghini Huracan off road race car jumpacan

Lamborghini Huracan headed to take on The 2021 Mint 400 Off-Road Race

B is for Build is building the first-ever Lamborghini Huracan off-road race car to race the legendary Mint 400

Earlier this year Chris Steinbacher of B is for Build reached out to us at The Mint 400 and stated his intent to build an off-road capable Lamborghini. Sounds crazy right? Not really when you consider who Chris is and when you look at the long tradition of racing whatever you can build at The Mint 400. Long before we had purpose-built race cars all off-road racing started with motorcycles and street vehicles adapted to try and survive the brutal terrain of the Nevada desert. Rancheros, Mavericks, Dusters, a GTO, a few older Mopars, Chevelles, VW Bugs, Corvairs, Pintos, Edsel’s, and Vegas all raced the Mint 400 at some point. Even wilder vehicles took the start line of “The Great American Race” such as Miltary Tanks, the Legendary “Condor” RV, Steve McQueen’s “Baja Boot”, and Steve Garner’s Grabber Oldsmobile 442 among them.

Lamborghini Huracan off road race car
The B is for Build Team started with a 3D scan of the Lamborghini Huracan chassis.
Lamborghini Huracan off road race car
Next, they designed long travel suspension for it. 35″ tire in the front 37″ in the rear. 
102″ width.
Lamborghini Huracan off road race car
The #Jumpacan will be powered by a NA (but modified) LS engine, mated to a Graziano 6 spd manual transaxle
Lamborghini Huracan off road race car
The B is for Build Team is still working out the final body work details.

Then there is Chris Steinbacher the content creator behind the wildly popular YouTube channel ” B is for Build”. He has built an empire out of building cars out of wrecked car parts doing some serious DIY automotive magic from his home garage. The name of the channel is a reference to the DIY automotive expression “built, not bought”. The channel is known for taking on controversial builds which are often seemingly impossible (due to time constraints or skill level). The channel has close to 180,971,419 views and over 1.4 million subscribers. 

Follow Chris as he builds the first ever Lamborghini Huracan off-road race car, aka #JUMPACAN here:

Matt Martelli

Founder of Mad Media, a multidisciplinary creative and marketing firm and CEO of Off-Road Racer, UTV Underground, The Mint 400, The California 300, and Dirt Co. Matt is one of the biggest influences in Off-Road Racing today.

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