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Racer Profiles: Victor “Riley” Borg Is a Vintage Trailblazer Defying Expectations

Born and raised amidst the rugged terrain of Nevada, Victor “Riley” Borg’s journey into the world of off-road racing began with childhood adventures alongside his father, exploring ghost towns in their trusty 1971 Ford Bronco. From those early memories emerged a passion for off-roading that would shape Riley’s life and define his racing career.

Riley’s introduction to off-road riding began with a series of iconic vehicles, from a Honda ATC 70 three-wheeler to the classic Z50. Yet, it was the raw power of two-stroke dirt bikes that truly captured his heart. “I wore every single part of that bulletproof machine out,” Riley recalls, reflecting on his formative years spent tearing up the desert trails.

Despite his love for motos, Riley’s journey took a detour when he discovered the thrill of driving his “adventure buddy” – a Chinese Kasea Adventure Buggy. Driven by his passion for exploring the great outdoors (at speed), Riley spent his youth exploring the desert, honing his skills behind the wheel and forging a deep connection with the rugged landscape.

As he transitioned into adulthood, Riley’s passion for racing only intensified. With his father as his mentor, he learned the intricacies of competing on a dirt bike, inspired by the legacy of his family. “Definitely my dad,” Riley acknowledges, crediting his father’s guidance and expertise for shaping his racing career.

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In the racing community, Riley finds inspiration not in individual competitors, but in the collective effort which makes dirt sports feasible. “I really just look up to the people who make these events possible,” Riley explains, highlighting the tireless work of organizers and volunteers behind the scenes.

Fueled by his love for off-roading and a clean, drama-free lifestyle, Riley’s dedication to his craft is relentless. Whether it’s maintaining his trusty Honda CR250 which underwent a complete engine rebuild over the winter, or hitting the gym to stay in peak physical condition, Riley approaches every race with a sense of purpose and a keen focus.

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And, his achievements speak for themselves – from top finishes at the Mint 400 to defending his title as the “King of the Vintage Class,” Riley’s racing accolades are a testament to his skill and dedication. Yet, amidst the thrill of victory, Riley remains grounded, grateful for the support of his family and friends who help him reach the starting line and cross the finish.

As he sets his sights on the California 300 and beyond, Riley’s determination burns brighter than ever. With his bike in top shape and his eyes on the top prize, Riley is ready to conquer the desert once again, proving that age is no barrier to chasing your dreams in the world of off-road racing.

“The will to win isn’t as important as the will to prepare to win.” This mantra guides Riley as he continues to push the limits, chasing victory and leaving a legacy in the dusty trails of Nevada and beyond.

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Want to follow along Riley’s race efforts? Check him out on Instagram @riley_borg269x and on YouTube @theborg269x.