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Vision X Launches new e-commerce based Mad Media built website

Vision X has launched a new enhanced e-commerce website focused around their off-road lighting products built by motorsports marketing powerhouse Mad Media. The entire website is built on the Shopify website e-commerce system and filled with Mad Media produced photography, video, editorial, and graphics. The new Vision X website features a full line of high-end Off-Road vehicle lighting solutions including LED light bars, their patented LED Light Cannons, LED Rock Lights, Vehicle Specific LED upgrade kits, and more.

visionx off road lighting off road racer

“We have built a lot of websites and used a lot of different online commerce systems and we love Shopify for its ease of use and SEO function. We want the best experience for the consumer looking for the best lighting products on the market. I love building functional websites that help supercharge their customers’ business. Well-built websites also allow you to have direct conversations with your customers so you can hear feedback and create a true 1 to 1 brand relationship.” Stated Mad Media CEO Matt Martelli

Established in 1997 Vision X’s mission is to design, manufacture, and deliver the ultimate lighting solution by innovating and providing the world’s most advanced lighting, ensuring safer and more efficient work environments. With this all new fully functional site customers are able to choose their exact lighting application that fits their specific need. In 2005 Vision X brought LED lighting to the off-road market sparking the revolution across many industries. Now they have returned with a powerful lineup of LED automotive and off-road specific products.

visionx off road lighting off road racer

“We have amazing products.  We know the quality and value far surpasses our competition; we want to get product to market and to make it easy to educate both dealers and consumers visiting our new platform.  One thing that sets Vision X apart is we are the actual manufacturer from start to finish.  We own three exclusive state-of-the-art factories which allows us to maintain the highest quality standards as well as design some of the best performing products in the industry.  With our global headquarters and distribution warehouse set in the Seattle, Washington area, we do not have any fulfillment issues that some of our competitors have.  We have products in stock now and ready to ship and will continue to keep more on the way.” stated Off-Road Sales Manager Evan Keck.

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Mad Media CEO Matt Martelii went on to say “Vision X was an innovator in off-road lighting, they have amazing product, and a robust supply chain. Now they have a website that matches the strength of the rest of their business.”

The site also features their all-new innovative UNITE System.  The product is a fully user-customized lightbar.  It has an incredible and unique way to connect a series of pods of the customers choosing, all united together on a single bar.  A custom designed configurator on Vision X’s new platform will walk a potential customer through the process to build their own personalized UNITE lightbar system. The almost infinite combinations of beam patterns will again revolutionize the industry by Vision X.

This and all other products come together in the site in an easy to purchase format. Check it out at